Annual Reunion

Reunion 2017

1st Infantry Division - Big Red One Society Reunion (2017)


What I am providing below is mostly for your information. To Registar on-line you will need to visit the Big Red One Society Webpage at:
If you do not want to use your credit card on-line, you may down load the registration form by right clicking on the form and saving it to your computer or highlighting it and printing it. Then fill it out and send it in with your check or money order. If you intend going on any of the Tours or Events, you will need to fill out Side B (form) and mail it in with your registration.


===================Tours and Events ===========================

Wednesday, 26 July Kansas City Tour @ $38/person:


Thursday, 27 July Fort Riley @ $5/person:

Toy & Miniature Museum @ $38/person:

Made in Kansas City Tour @ $45/person:


Friday, 28 July Conflict Breakfast @ $18/person:

BBQ and WWI Museum @ $68/person:


Saturday, 29 July Union Station and Airline History Hangar @ $45/person:

94th Annual Reunion Banquet

BBQ Beef Brisket @ $48/person:

Herb Chicken Lemonatta @ $48/person:

Herb Crushed Salmon @ $48/person:

Vegetarian orders @ $48/person:

Plain chicken orders @ $48/person:

Kid's meal @ $20/person:

Farewell ‘til next year! See you in 2018!


If your wallet or schedule makes it impossible for you to arrive at the reunion on Wednesday, don't worry. The core of reunion events takes place on Friday and Saturday. We can accommodate you either way. If you can't make the entire event please feel free to join us when ever you can. You won't be sorry!

Unit Command Posts

As is our custom the 2nd, 16th, 18th, 26th and 28th Infantries, Artillery, Quarterhorse/Recon, Headquarters and Support Units, Engineers and Aviation Units will operate Command Posts (Hospitality Rooms) for their units. Veterans from units not listed are welcome in any CP. The size of each CP room will be based on the number of members from that unit attending.

Spread The Word!!!

You can help spread the word about our reunion by sending our News Release to the editor or pressroom of your local media. Please make copies and mail or fax it to all of the newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations that you can. TIP: If you hand-deliver it, they may ask to interview you.

Handicapped Rooms

Please do not request a handicapped room unless you absolutely need to. If you have problems with walking or anything else please indicate them on your reservation form and we will do everything in our power to assist you. Please be considerate of your fellow 1st Division veterans.

Weather and Local Information Online

Summer weather in Kansas City Mo is dominated by the air originating from the Gulf of Mexico and can be warm. Please wear comfortable clothes for all tours as well as good walking shoes. Casual clothing is appropriate for most restaurants. As usual, we will send you a written confirmation of all registration information.


All reservations for 2017 Reunion activities must be made through the Society. Registration forms will be published in the Spring edition of the Bridgehead Sentinel, and are also be available online.



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