"Here Comes the Cavalry!"

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the Society of the Quarter Horse Cavalry is open to all individuals who at any time honorably served in assigned units or units which were merged with the Quarter Horse Cavalry. Membership encompasses soldiers from World War Two, The Vietnam War, Bosnia, The Gulf War (Desert Storm), Iraq, Afganistan and Cold War/Peacetime service between those wars. Membership for the first year is free for current active duty Troopers who have served in Combat with the Quarter Horse Cavalry. Spouses and Children of deceased troopers of the Quarter Horse Cavalry are also eligible for membership.

CHALLENGES TO MEMBERSHIP: Being a Cavalry Trooper is an Honorable Tradition. Requests for Membership will be accepted assuming you are a qualified applicant. If any members suspects that a fellow member is not qualified, let us refrain from name calling and mud slinging. Sit down and write or e-mail the Secretary of the Quarter Horse Steering Committee expressing your doubts and they will be investigated to include allowing the challenged member to submit evidence to substanciate their qualifications. When sufficiant evidence is gathered, the Secretary will present the evidence to the members of the Steering Committee and they will make a decision denying or validating the challenged members qualifications for membership.

MEMBESHIP BENEFITS: Those past and present Troopers who join the Society of the Quarter Horse Cavalry will receive a numbered membership cards for the year in which they pay dues. Membership must be renewed each year during the month of August to remain an active member. The "Monthly Post" will be posted to our web site for those members on-line. Each member will be entitled to one vote in regards to forming an official organization, constitution and by-laws, electing board members, and any changers thereto.

DUES: The cost for Non-Active Duty members and membership renewal for veterans of the 1/4th Cav (QH) is $25.00 annually. Membership for the first year is free for all Active Duty Combat Veterans of the Quarter Horse Cavalry. The cost for membership for Active duty Troopers after the first year is at $10.00 per year.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM: may be found by clicking here. Please print this form, fill it out and send to:

Society of the Quarter Horse Cavalry   
6645 122nd Ave.  
Fennville, MI 49408

Sign and date the form and mail it with your payment.

QUESTIONS: Any questions regarding these guidelines may be addressed to the Quarter Horse Executive Board by writing the Secretary, Quarter Horse Steering Committee 6645 122nd Ave Fennville, MI 49408 or e-mailing Trooper67@4thCavAssoc.org.

Membership Form

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