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Your input and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Additionally we are collecting a data base of past and present members of the 1/4 Horse. Your personal information will be kept in confidence. but it is needed so that we can communicate with you via slow mail or telephonically as to our progress.


If you are a past or present Trooper of 1st Squdron, 4th Cavalry, we invite you to Check-In by sending an e-mail to me at click here. Your query will be placed on the Troop Page for which you were/are a member. Please provide the following information:
  1. Your name, nick-name (if any), date, e-mail address, home address (voluntary), telephone number (voluntary). Please indicate whether you: a. Desire your address or phone number to be made available upon request, to fellow members of the QuarterHorse. b. If you indicate that it is alright with you, addresses and telephone numbers will be displayed as part of your query. c. Your address and telephone number will not be openly posted but may be used by the Association to contact you.
  2. The Troop and Platoon you were/are assigned to
  3. Location and dates
  4. Enter any comments, request, information exactly as you want it to appear.

Every effort will be made to post your query withing 24-48 hours, however, no guarantees can be made. If your query does not appear within 7 days, please contact me.


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