by members and friends of 1/4th Cavalry "Quarterhorse"

Quote by MG DePuy in Minh Thanh Road Battle: "Radio Hanoi described the armored columns of the Big Red One as being like "Walls of steel that even ants cannot penetrate."

To the Officer and Troopers of the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry

During the last 8 months, the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry has fought what were undoubtedly the most desisive battles in which the 1st Infantry Division has been engaged. The morale, the spirit and the courage of the 4th Cavalry have become legendary. There is no more inspiring sight or experiance than to stand by the road and watch one of your troops moving forward into battle. Nothing is so reassuring to me than to hear from the lips of your officers and soldiers your splendid motto - Prepared and Loyal. I will count on you in the future, as I have in the past, to act as the spearhead of the First Division, and I will be forever proud to have been associated with your magnificent squadron.

W.E. DePUY, Maj Gen, USA - Commanding

Boldness, dash, and aggressiveness mark the Calvarymen of every generation. Vietnam is no exception. Each man of our squadron has responded magnificently to the challenge of countorinsurgency operations in Vietnam. From Cambodia in the north to Saigon in the south we have met and bested the Viet Cong. Who will forget Srok Dong, Minh Thanh Road, High 13, Bench Mark 69, Attleboro or Cedar Falls? We proudly make our contribution to the overall combat and revelutionanry development effort of the United States Forces in Vietnam. Teamwork is our strength. Fourth Cavalry air and ground units successfully fight side by side with each Infantry and Artillery Battalion in the "Big Red One". Since 1855, as our 40 battle streamers so vividly depict, the 1st Squadron, 4th United States Cavalry has been and will continue to be "Prepared and Loyal".

THOMAS W. FIFE, LTC Armor, Commanding


by Bill Baty A Trp 65-66, June 2000

POEMS submitted by GEORGE HEIM, A Trp and HHT 67-69

Reflection in Black

When you look into the mirror
Tell me what you see
Reflections of an older man...
Brother, uncle, dad he came to be.

Look closer and see the lines drawn upon his face...
Footprints of time, and memories he cannot erase.

They're marks of peace, of sorrow, of joy, of laughter,
Of losing friend, of losing brother -- who to this day
And evermore are etched deep within his heart...
He'll never forget, they'll never fade away.

He'll always remember, he'll always ache
Locked deep inside they dwell till one day
He hopes to set them free one and all
By walking beside them there at the Wall
And tell them he's sorry he couldn't do more
To ask for forgiveness among granite black
Because angels brought this soldier safely back.

He shed many tears, quietly and alone
For all his brothers who didn't come home.
He prays to the Father their burden will ease
Of all loved ones whose hearts need His Peace.

See the man mirrored in black granite sheen
Look and tell me what you see...
Surrounded by his fallen brothers is he
Standing proud, straight and tall
Among soldiers again -- one and all.

By: George Heim, 5/8/00

Tired Soldier

I'm just a tired soldier I am not bitter anymore� At all those folks who questioned Why we went to war. We went for God and country We went to keep men free. I'm just a tired soldier I am not bitter anymore� Just feel the need for sharing The pain that's in my heart For all my fallen brothers Still hear them crying for their mothers. Oh God why couldn't I have done more? I'm just a tired soldier I am not bitter anymore� The door's been closed too long Can't keep it locked forever� Afraid to let all demons go� For anguish, rage and tears would flood From deep within my soul. From me a stranger would appear That loved ones could not understand. I'm just a tired soldier I am not bitter anymore� One more thing is left to do for me The promise I have made you see To walk among my brothers at the Wall one day To feel their very presence and to say I thought about you all these years, But couldn't face you till today� Why He chose you, not me, I could not comprehend To walk beside Him in His Promised Land. I'm just a tired soldier Alone not anymore� By: George Heim 04/2000

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