Agent Orange Awareness


courtesy of the 1/4th Calvary - QuarterHorse Association

(Brothers Helping Brothers)

Agent Orange was tested in Vietnam in 
the early 1960's and was used increasingly thru the height of the war until it's use was 
diminished and eventually discontinued in 1971. It was used for killing broad-leaf foliage 
to deny the enemy cover and concealment. By destroying vegetation, this was to protect 
American and allied troops from undetected movement of the enemy and ambush.

WELCOME HOME BROTHER!! Remember how great that sounded even
though most of us heard it from a fellow Nam Vet!! The majority 
of we vets from that "Conflict" sometimes feel that the general 
public who watched the war at home on TV would just as soon we 
never came home or we would just disappear. Little 
wonder most of us only feel comfortable in the presence of 
fellow Nam Veterans. We wonder aloud why nothing is being done 
about the Brothers who are still over there, the MIA's and POW's. 
Now yet another ugly head appears and getting anything done about 
it is probably going to be done by us, the brotherhood.  We need 
to get the word out to everyone who served in Vietnam that there 
was another killer there along with the NVA and VC. This enemy 
may very well kill as many if not more that all casualties and 
deaths on boths sides during The Vietnam War. I'm speaking of 
Agent Orange. Visits to the VA by veterans with AO type diseases
is on the increase. Many of those diseases have a 30 year
latency period and are only now beginning to be documented. 

Following is a list of only some of the diseases 
believed to be caused by Agent Orange:
Cancer of The Bronchus;  Cancer of the Larynx;  Lung Cancer; 
Prostate Cancer;  Cancer of the Trachea;  Hodgkin's Disease;  
Multiple Myeloma;  Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and the list goes 
on!! There are many sites on the web which provide detailed 
lists of these diseases. Do a search on "Agent Orange" and 
read them. You may be suffering from something already that 
can be attributed to Agent Orange. Get everything you can 
from this Brothers, It doesn't compare to a heart beat of 
what you gave for your country.    

If you are a Vietnam Veteran and you haven't been screened by the VA for AO yet, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get it done. If you have a friend who is a Vietnam Veteran, ask him if he has been screened, if he hasn't, don't give up on him until he does. Unfortunatly, the possibilities of having this disease doesn't stop with just the veteran, it involves his descendants. If you would like more information on Agent Orange, visit some of the links listed below. The internet has quite a few sites on this subject.


Another area we as Vietnam Vets should be aware of, are efforts to insure that our comrades who having been exposed to Agent Orange, receive not only their VA Benefits, but are given the same recognition rendered to all wounded personnel, The Purple Heart. This is not a precidence, American Soliders exposed to Mustard Gas in WWI were awarded the Purple Heart. Suffering from one of the diseases caused by Agent Orange can be just as disabling as any wound received during combat. Trooper Gary J. Chenett, B Troop 67-68, is National Director of the Silver Rose, an association formed to correct the injustice of our comrades not receiving any recognition for their sufferings associated with contact with Agent Orange. This association has even began bestowing an interum award named "The Order of The Silver Rose" to Vietnam Veterans to whom have been found to be stricken with one of the diseases caused by Agent Orange. Until their web site is up and working, you may contact Gary by email at click here. Visit The Silver Rose Website by clicking the link found below and join this very purposful project.

Click here to visit an Agent Orange Site

Visit: The Silver Rose Site


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