Welcome to the 1st Squadron, 4th US Cavalry chat room.

There are some simple rules.

1. Please restrain from flaming. If you have a problem with someone, E-Mail them privately. 2. I don't have a problem with any topic. You are welcome to use the chat room with friends other than Quarterhorse past and present members. 3. Use of abusive language will not be tolorated. If there is constant abuse of this chat room, I will discontinue it.

4. All comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed and can be sent to me by clicking HERE 5. Instructions: Select and enter a username. It's all right to use your real name or you may use any name you want. Type your message where indicated. Allow time for responses. When there are more than two on line, you have to direct your talk to a certain individual or several people may try to respond to you. When there is roundtable chatting, decide between yourselfs what order you will talk in. If you've been useing the chatline for 10 or minutes and someone else ask's to use the room, please turn the chatroom over to them. In other words, try and limit your conversations to 10 minutes if there are others standing by. When you are finished, click on the "log off" button.

Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat.

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