Headquarters Troop, 1/4 Cavalry Queries - 1999 thru 2000

Headquarters Troop Queries - 1999 thru 2000

Steve Determann 4 Dec 2000 (alpha-- A Trp ,21-- Track number 2nd Plt, mike-- medic (Doc) I am a former trooper of the 1/4 Cav, 1967-68, originally assigned to HHT - then to A Trp,2nd Plt. 1st Inf. Div. I was what everyone called Bauxi, South Vietnamese for Doctor or Corpsman.In english my Platoon called me "Doc" and I earned that nickname and their respect. My Unit was in 5 battle campaigns in one year. One of the surviving Medics of original 35 now 3 is also interested, my best friend , who I saved and medevaced twice would like it too. He is now a Minister in Kentucky, Dennis. Oh! and by the way I would very much like to learn more of the History of 1/4 Cav, like maybe a book. I have already been to the web page of 1/4 cav in germany and read their History of the Unit. Please reply a soon as you can. Thank for reading this long winded letter. Address and Phone number available by request.

This is a multipal unit posting: Lewis Graff 1 Dec 2000 Lew served from May 66 to Jan 68 in Nam, then again from Apr 69 to Mar 70. He served a total of 30 months in country, 24 months with the QuarterHorse. Can anyone top this for TIC?

May 66 to Nov 66  1/26th Inf., Scout Plt Sgt & Asst Opns Sgt
Nov 66 to Dec 66, 1st Bde Hqs, Asst S2 SGT
Dec 66 to Feb 67, HHT, 1/4 Cav, Asst Opns Sgt
Feb 67 to Aug 67, C Trp, 1/4 Cav, 1st Plt Sgt
Aug 67 to Jan 68, HHC, 1/4 Cav, Asst Opns Sgt
Jan 68 to Apr 69, CONUS
Apr 69 to Sep 69, B Trp, 1/4 Cav, 1SG
Aug 69 to Mar 79, HHT, 1/4 Cav, Opns Sgt
Mar 79 - DEROS
Address and phone number available on request.

John Howe 5 Nov 2000 I was in Vietnam Feb 67-68. I was a SP5 Cook in Hq Troop and have made contact with only one person that I served with. I have many memories of my year in Nam, some good and some bad. I have tried to find some of my buddies but with little success. Keep up the good work. Address and phone# available by request.

Walter J. Laverty, CSM (Ret) 4 Nov 2000 CSM Laverty and his wife are enjoying retirement in sunny Florida and would enjoy hearing from you. His address and Phone# are available by request. He was CSM of the Quarterhorse from Sep 67 - Sep 68 and is the currently the Honorary SGM of the 4th Cavalry Regiment.

Richard McClary 26 Sep 2000 Brent Greenwell lived in Florida; Dan Carman in LA, Calif; TC Melville in Benton Harbor, MI and Gary Glass, Northlake, ILL. I lost touch for many reasons over the years. If anybody knows these people or may know how to contact them, please let me know. Thank you very much. (Note) Phone number is available from WebMaster)

John Gibson 22 August 2000 My father in law was in Vietnam from 64 - 66. He was with 1/ 4 Cav Quarter Horse. He was a Medic. I am not sure the exact unit he was in I think it was in Headquarters. He told me he drove a track vehicle and drove around the old man and a doctor ? He was in a bunch of places. He does not have a computer, it is not his thing. He retired in 1986 from active duty with 21 years of services. When he went to Vietnam he was an E-3 and left an E - 5. He currently lives in Granite City Il. And I am sure he would love to hear from anyone he was there with. If you have any info on SFC Gibson or anyone he was with E-mail me and I can pass it to him.

Bob Bruner 20 August 2000 I was in Desert Storm with HHT, 1/4 Cav. Would be interested in hearing from other Quarterhorse Vets.

John Termini 11 August 2000 I was assigned to HHT in S-4. I was a radio operator & worked in the TOC when I was in Phu Loi, or in the forward NDPs. LTC Seigel was the SC when I arrived in-country during 7/67. The XO was a Major Byron. Two solid citizens. Byron was a Rhodes scholar. What was he doing there??? I remember when Seigel left, I felt a real loss. Thank God we had a streetsmart XO by the name of Kelly out of Philadelphia, PA.

Wayne Witwicki 27 Jul 2000 Please share this with everyone. We get very little respect or recognition outside our organization. During Desert Storm I followed the press releases for any mention of the 1ID. As you may have heard, all news was highly regulated and we in the states didn't get much detailed info. When the shooting stopped and the dust cleared there was a story in the Chicago Tribune titled "They keep their powder dry" or like words. It was an interview with LTC Robert Wilson; CO, 1/4 Cav. I clipped it out and sent it to him for his scrapbook along with an introduction. I also asked him what had happened. The following is a transcript of his reply. I sent a copy of the original to the Cantigny 1ID Museum and another to the Society of the First Division for their archives. 2Apr91 Dear Wayne, & fellow Trooper Thanks so much for the article. That was very thoughtful of you. I and my soldiers were very pleased to see the country behind us, it allowed us to better focus on the task at hand. The press didn't give 1ID as much attention as we would have liked. We led the VII Corps to cut the Basrah/ Kuwait City highway & stopped the retreat of their Army North. The SQN led the Division & cut the road 18 hours ahead of the DIV. The soldiers were magnificent. I am so proud of them. Best of all we took no casualties. We destroyed 65 tanks, 92 bunkers, 64 Bmp/Brdms, 15 Artillery pieces, Took 3010 POWs and numerous killed. They expected us to come along the Kuwait City/ Basrah Road & prepared thousands of fortified positions. We came across the desert & hit them in the flank350 km in 100 hours.They could not react quick enough & we were in the exploitation from the beginning.The next morning we were orderer to move to Iraq & capture the airfield (Safwan) for the peace talks. Ran into a Bde plus of the Elite Guards. I was invited to sit in on Gen Swartzkoft's negotiations, Quite and honor. We expect to be home by 1 June. Keep in touch! Prepared & Loyal Bob Wilson LTC Cavalry

George Heim 30 Jun 2000 Would hereby like to submit two of my poems to the 1/4 cav site. Served with 1st plt "A" trp (Lt. Joseph Scates was plt leader), than sr. medic with HHT (oct. '67 - may '69). Bill, wherever you think they would be appropriate on the 1/4 site is ok with me. Thanks, Be well & God Bless (Note: Thanks George, a new webpage is coming!!bb)

V.J. Tedesco III 28 May 2000 I am a Gulf War Quarterhorse veteran and I understand that you are building a database of the squadron's veterans. I served in HHT as the S-3 Air during the Gulf War and later commanded B Troop at Fort Riley. Here is my contact information: Prepared & Loyal! 1503 Mountain Laurel Harker Heights TX 76548 254-698-8707 http://tedescos.com

Paul Avery 25 May 2000 I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers the Zippo's from HHT. I was track commander of service unit for the flame tracks from Aug 69 till the division went home Mar 70. Our platoon SGT was Mike Hobbs who now lives in CO. Don Tate and Bill Russell are a couple of the names I remember. I think our platoon leader was Hopkins. Anybody remember the guys in the "Rat Patrol"? I have a few pictures if anyone is interested.

Ron Davidson 22 May 2000 HHT S3 and CO of HHT, Nov 65 to Jun 66. Deployed to RVN with 30HHC, I Field Force in Aug 65. Based in Nha Trang. Promoted out of slot Sep 66, request assignment to BRO. Joined 1/4th at Phu Loi late Nove 65 as S3 Air. From Jan 66 - Jun 66, commanded HHT. Would like to hear from former Prepared and Loyal Cavalrymen. I visited Squadron Headquarters in Schweinfurt, Germany last Summer. I was there as a privite contractor to a company working with DA. They now have my pocket patch. They are trying to have some reproduced. Address and Telephone are available by request.

Raymond Rosenberg 10 May 2000, LTC, HQ Troop, S4, 1/68-12/68

Jeffery Kramer 10 May 2000

RON SCOTT was Dragoon Zulu in the bunker at Phu Loi most of his tour 1966-67. He is looking for others from HHT. His Telephone number is 714.827.1959

Fred W. Westbrook 7 May 2000 HHT, retired CSM, Squadron OP Sergeant, MSG,65-66 Pulled from the relative safety of the 63rd Armor in August '65 to rejoin the Quarterhorse for deployment to VN. First taste of the Quarterhorse was in '56, when Tank Co. 16th Inf. became Troop B 1/4th. Cav. Currenty retired and working as a Clock mechanic. In my Clock Maker's association is the former HQ Troop Commandant, Ron Davidson who lives in San Antonio, TX. I currently live at 3601 Corliss Cir. in Belton, TX 76513. (254) 939-6050. I can also be reached through my son at danw@vvm.com Ron may have some information on the pocket patch and Cav belt buckles - I don't have his e-mail at this time, but will forward it along. I will be attending the BRO reunion in September in Pennsylvania. Hope to see you there.

Barry Nester 3 May 2000 Great site. Just happened upon it. I was a member of the "Quarterhorse" from Oct 1967 through March 1969, Hqs & Hqs Troop. It is certainly good to see that someone has remembered. Thanks again. Barry Nester Danbury, CT

WALTER C. KURTZ, Judge - 29 April 2000 Served with HHT as Commo Platoon Leader Aug 68 to May 69. Home address: 509 Metro Courthouse Nashville, TN 37201 Telepone: 615.862.5915

Tom Fife 2 May 2000 "Dragoon 6" from Dec 67 to Dec 68. COL Fife is inviting all 4th Cavalry Officers to a QuarterHorse meeting to be held May 5 starting at 6:30pm at the Tower Club, Tysons Corner. Glenn Yarborough is hosting. He can be reached at 703.847.5268 or via e-mail at wgyarc@aol.com. He is also ready to assist with organizing a reunion of all who have served with the 1/4 Cavalry. We appreciate the offer Colonel and we'll contact you when we reach that point.

Richard McClary 2 May 2000 I was assigned to Headquarters Troop in Phu Loi from June of 67 to Aug of 68. I have some photos taken during Presidential Unit Citation presented by General Westmorland. I have some pictures showing the troop in fomation. I have also have pictures of the quarterhorse itself taken during the presentation I would like to share. The horse had been saddled by headquarters troop for presentation. Would like to have a message on the bulletin board. Have some people I would like to try to contact.

Robert D. Judge April 27, 2000

I served with 1/4 Cav at Ft. Riley from Apr 1962 to Dec 1963. Assigned initially to S3, HHT for 6 months, then received schooling as Radio Teletype, he was assigned to S1, HHT until discharge. Bill's home address is 3298 Tipsico Lake Rd. Hartland, MI 48353. Telephone 248.887.1375.

Ron SelbeMarch 21, 2000.

I served with the 1/4 Cav from Oct. 1969 to Oct. 1970. I was a medic assigned to Headquarters Co. and worked in the Lai Khe aid station and drove the medic track when the TOC relocated, until Jan. 1970. At that time I was assigned to B troop (I don't remember the platoon number, but SGT D'Angelo was our platoon leader) the track number was Mike Eight. Bill Schuster was our driver, Dennis Carnecki our TC and George Chivers III the gunner. I was transferred to the 44th Medical Bat and sent to work at the 12th Evac Hospital when the 1st. Div. and the 1/4 Cav's colors "Went Home" in April 1970. I have been corresponding with Wayne (Dr. Feelgood) Witwicki and Pat Christensen and would like to hear from anyone else who served with the Cav.

Bill HaponskiMarch 17, 2000

Quarterhorse 6, Jan-Jul 69. I just discovered this site and want to congratulate you and Bill Van Horn for the tremendous job of designing and operating the site. I have already sent replies to three troopers who posted queries and who served with me when I commanded the squadron 5 Jan - 12 Jul 69. Would you be able to assist me in locating as many troopers as possible (e-mail addresses) who served during that period? Also, I want to get as much data as I can about the men who were killed under my command. I did my damndest to bring all my men back. My great regret is that some did not make it and others were grievously wounded. Again thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

E-Mail received 17 March 2000, from Quarterhorse 6 in Germany.

Dear Sir:

As we celebrate our Regiment's 145th Birthday here in Schweinfurt, Germany,
I would like to thank you and your fellow troopers for building our
reputation as one of our Army's elite combat formations.  We are dedicated
to preserving your legacy.  On Friday, during our birthday celebration, we
will unveil Don Stivers' Heroes of Red River.  I will ask our adjutant, Greg
Glasow, to send you the information.  Please let me know if we can ever be
of assistance to your organization.

Prepared and Loyal!

H.R. McMaster
LTC, Armor

Cleophas C. MimsDate: Thursday, November 4, 1999 8:53AMGreetings, "Prepared and loyal". My nam name is "Doc Mims". I was assigned to HHC, A and B Troops alternativly from 19 Feb 68-69. I spent most my time at the Water Plant outside Siagon, Phu Loi, Iron Triangle. I would like to hear from anyone that might remember me. Thank You.

Wayne Witwicki I am Wayne Witwicki (Dr. Feelgood). Assigned to HHT 1/4 Cav (Aid Station); attached to A-troop as 2nd Plt. medic in Jan 69 (Track # A-21) to late July and Hq. Plt. as senior medic (Track# Hq-63) from the end of July until late Oct. I'd like to locate anyone I served with but especially anyone who I dusted off. Names I remember are: Lynn Claybaugh, Jack Hanshew, Clayton Jern, Mike Armstrong, Mike(?) Garrison, Ron Hamilton and Charles Lamb

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