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Refugio M.(Mike) Vasquez - 9 Sept 03 -
Dear Mr. Baty: I found your web site today!! My husband Refugio M.(Mike) Vasquez serial #: 38 091 181 was in the 756th Tank Battalion attached to the 3rd Infantry Division, 34th and others from 1942 to March 1944. He started in Africa and was wounded in Italy. I have the above pretty well documented, even a copy of the battle when he was wounded. He was rotated or furloughed to the states and was shipped back to central Europe in April, 1945 until October, 1945. The only information which I have on his discharge document is "1st Recon Troop U S". That's it, no regiment, no company, nothing. I am writing his war history and this is the piece of the puzzle left. I have snapshots of him with "Friends of Mike in memory of the burgermeister of Orduing, Austria". I would so love to finish this story for my children. Any information which you might give me or a lead to someone in the outfit would be so much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Wilhelmina Cooremans-Vasquez

George J. Koch My daughter, a nurse, Lt Anne Koch was in the Surgical Intensive Care unit, Ward 3 of the 93rd Evac (which handled 1st Div Casualties)from December 1968 to December 9169. Is it possible that some of the unit were treated by her? I would enjoy hearing from them if there are any. Thanks George Koch

George J. Koch Read the article about the 1/4 Cav in the Bridgehead Sentinel.I have tried to get info from different parts of your unit even stopping at the Hq in Schweinfurt, Germany last year. They had a team working on your history but were not able to be of help in my search. We were you predecessor --The 1st Recon Troop (Mech Cav).was formed from a cadre from the 3rd Cav (horse) in 1940. It was the beginning of the use of Cav recon outfits in an Inf Div. In WWII our unit made the initial landing in N Africa; then went to Tunisia; the invasion and occupation of Sicily; Normandy and on through Germany and finished up at Czechoslovakia when the war in Europe ended. After the war they changed the name to Rcn Co. In 1948 they disbanded the unit and your Sqdn took over. It is my understanding that your Troop A was officially labeled as our successor. We were a unit of only about 220 men and there are are few of us left. I have tried to find out if anyone knows where our old records are. Would it be possible that something is resting in your Troop A files unseen and unnoticed such as our Guidon or other memorabilia. I have gotten together as much as I can for the Div Museum at Cantigny and I keep my old comrades in touch with one and other. If you can come up with anything please let me know. Perhaps we'll meet at the reunion? Ex Recon And (horse) trooper---------George Koch Hi Bill Permission granted -- there would be no reason to deny it to you. We have all served proudly as brothers in the defense of our great Nation. I was Sgt of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington while I was in the 3rd Cav (horse) at Ft Myer in 1941. Then in WWII I was in the 1st Rcn Troop, 1st Inf Div. We have just formed the Society of the Honor Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I am one of the "old" old Tomb Guards. If any of the 1/4 Cav served there at any time and do not know of the Society I would appreciate their getting touch so I can give them an update on it. I can see by your web site that you are truly dedicated to preserving the history of your unit and I must say it is one of the best I have seen to date. The Tomb Guards are a visible sign of "keeping faith" with those that made the ultimiate sacrifice to preserves our freedoms which too many take for granted. Hopefully sites like yours will also help present and future generations realize what our veterans have done for them in war and peace. I hope you'll be able to make the big Red One reunion. Best wishes George Koch

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