Headquarters Troop, 1/4 Cavalry Queries - 2001 thru 2002

Headquarters Troop Queries - 2001 thru 2002

JOSEPH PFAU - 27 Nov 02 -
My phone number can be made available upon request:
HHT, Quarter Cav, 1st Inf Div., DiAn, Viet Nam Oct68 through Apr69
The only two names I can remember from those special days are: Alan Peters and James Rygh

Paul Westlund" - 12 August 02 - Need information on joining as a member. I served Vietnam, June 1967 to June 1968 HHT 1/4th Cav@ PhuLoi.

Albert W. Bailey B Trp, Sep 65 to Dec 65 - 29 March -

Moose here. I was transfered from 2/63rd Armor to HHT 1/4th Cav. I was a track mechanic and operated a 5 ton wrecker. Worked with MSG Hurley. It is good to find your website. We Met so many people in a short time. You see their faces, but not their names. Where did they all GO? Thanks for the memories. Keep up the good work. No phone or address given.

CSM Mike Cobb - 19 Feb 02

CSM Cobb is presently stationed at Ft. Knox, KY and still sees some of the Active Duty Quarter Horse troopers when they come thru. He would like to hear from anyone he has served with and his phone number is available upon request.

Jorge D. Esquilin - 13 Nov 2001 - Welcome home brother. Thank you for your email. You have a lot of memorabilia of the 1/4 CAV. I was in HHT 1968-69 in Nam. Do you have an association of 1/4 Cav's? Let me know as I would like to become a member. Attached is a photo of me in Vietnam and after Vietnam\par

William RH John Sr. - 30 Oct 2001 - I was a member of the 1st squadron 4th Cav. HHtrp stationed in Pho Loi Vietnam from Oct 1967 until August 1968 when I was reassigned to B troop, I left country in Oct 1968 I was a track mechanic. Hope to find some of my buddies, already found or should I say Bobby Green of Alabama found me, and is here with me right now. he to will be checking in. as always "Prepared and Loyal" William John

Bobby Greene -30 Oct 2001 - I'm from Alabama, and I served with the 1st Squadron 4th Cav. in Vietnam from Oct 1967 to Oct 1668 I was attached to HHTrp in Phu Loi. If anyone remembers me please respond. I'm "Prepared and Loyal"

Dallas VanHoose - 10 Oct 2001 -
I have been enjoying your web page for the Quarterhorse. It brings back lots of old memories. I was the XO of HHT at Camp Funston from Feb. 1964 to Sep. 1964. I remember LTC Fisher, SGM Foglio, CPT Jon C. Dawson and CPT Reginald R. Hurd (both were CO of HHT), 1SG Peter Deditch, CWO Wes Cline, CWO Ken Spongberg, and PSG Omar G. Darty (Darty and I served together earlier in the 2/10 Cav in Korea). I was sorry to learn of his loss in Vietnam. During my time in the squadron, we made a trip to Fort Irwin for tank gunnery (at that time, Fort Riley wasn't big enough for us to fire the main guns on the tanks without the rounds going off post) and Exercise Desert Strike. I am very interested in getting in touch with Steve Slattery. We were classmates in the Armor Officer Career Course at Fort Knox then fellow ROTC instructors at Arizona State University. I would appreciate it if you would provide me his e-mail address and other information for contacting him. Many thanks!

Richard W. Howard - 14 September 2001 -
I am a former member of HHT, 1-4 Cav. I was the squdron master gunner from NOV 95 to MAR 96. At that time I took the reins as HHT 1SG. We were performing duties as part of the Implementation Forces (IFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina. With all of the attachments, it was a 268 man troop. 1-4 CAV was my first, and only, assignment with the United States Cavalry. You can never go back! I was spurred in Bosnia and in the remaining year I did with them in Schweinfurt, my troopers sent me away with a saber! I now have a place in my home that I call, "THE CAV WALL". The reason I am writing this, is this. In the beginning of August, this year, I went to the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis, SD. I motored a mile down the road to the 4th CAV museum at Ft Meade. While there, I met a trooper that served with the squadron in Viet Nam. He was interested in any kind of group that still carried the tradition of the Quarterhorse. I told him I would find out on the internet.(One day later-bb) After writing the letter to you, I snooped around the web site and I found the membership form. I printed out two of them. One I filled out to send in. The other I sent to Irv. I'm sure he will join. He was pretty serious about finding out if there was some kind of Quarterhorse association. I think it would be a good idea to see if the museum at Ft Meade would display some literature on the association. They just might do it. A squadron master gunner works in the S-3 shop. He is responsible for preparing, resourcing and ensuring that all tank/bradley live fire events are conducted to published standards. He is also a turret sighting and fire control maintenance expert. When I was master gunning the squadron, we took the first troop-sized element out of Bosnia to conduct tank/bradley individual crew qualification. We did this on a former Warsaw Pact tank range in Taborfalva, Hungary. We were the first unit from Task Force Eagle to do it. The troop was C Troop. All tank and bradley crews qualified Table VIII and we set the standard for Task Force Eagle! When I got back from Hungary, I took over the Headquarters Troop, which we called, "The Workhorse of the Quarterhorse". Our motto was, "The bullet shooters cannot do anything until the Workhorse does what it does, first!" That's all I have for now. You should be geting my application in a couple days.

James E. McGeorge - 22 Aug 2001 - Address available upon request. I was assigned HHT 1/4 cav. in July 1965, left Ft Riley Ks . Sept 1966 enroute to VN. LTC Fisher, Paul was Cdr. he was nicked (Jim Beam). CSM Foglio, was offered the CSM of the Army and he did not accept due he loved the 1/4 so much. Msgt Westbrook was Opns Sgt, SFC Townsend (an old Ky. boy) was the S-2 Sgt. Maj Morris the Sqdn EX Off kept the Sqdn ready for any type of opns. The reason I know all this, I was the RTO and driver for the S3 section. S3 Off. Maj Taylor, Maj Martin and I took some rides that I,ll never forget, for instance I've had a jeep in places that a tank couldn't go. I would tell Maj Taylor we can't get there from here and he would look at me and say, "ok hill billy don't quit on me now". The 1/4 horse will always be in my heart. Still PROUD AND LOYAL

Donald Kessler - 20 July 2001 - I was the Trp Clk in HHT from Oct 1964 thru Jun 1966 (Ft Riley, KS to Phu Loi, RVN) I remember CPT R. Davidson very well as I worked for him directly and I also recall MSG Westbrook. I got out of active duty then and in October 1966 I joined the Minnesota Army National Guard, full time. I stayed for 28 years and retired from the military in August 1994 with 30 years service as a MSG. I can recall SGM Joseph Foglio and 1SG Peter Deditch very well. I am looking for Faison T. Moore who was the Supply Sgt at HHT. My address and phone number are available upon request. Thank you so much.

John Conley - 14 Jun 2001 - From February 7, 1967, through February 7, 1968, I was the Platoon Leader of the 2nd Platoon of "B" Troop, then the XO and finally the Troop Commander during the first Tet Offensive. After a month stateside I returned to be Adjutant for a month and became Troop Commander of "A" Troop from April 17, 1968, until September 13, 1968 (Friday the 13th - best day of my life - twice - once on either side of the international date line). I am extremely proud to have been in the real Cavalry and served with the best America has to offer. After a lifetime in management I went back to school (University of Florida) to earn a Juris Doctorate a little over 3 years ago. My law office in Clearwater, Florida is adorned with my military memorabilia. I am proud of my military background, and my heart is still in the Cavalry and on the battlefield. I have learned that the public respects a military man who has the balls to not hide his history. I have also learned it is good for business. I encourage all my fellow troopers to allow themselves to be recognized as the heroes they were and are. Our country needs genuine heroes to emulate. Prepared and Loyal. ConleyatLaw@AOL.com. PS. Has anyone found Fred Currier yet? If anyone has his SSN, please contact me and I may be able to help locate him.

George Shepherd - 3 Jun 2001 - I was the Medical Service Corp Lt. from Dec 67 through Jun 68, then made CPT, (can anyone that knew me believe that?), and was X) of B, 1st Med. By the I stayed in the Reserve program and retired a LTC. I was and will always consider myself as an ol Cav medic.

Randall Dillman 1 May 2001 I was in the 1st Platoon, HHT 1/4 Cav. 1st Inf. Div. from 1985 to 1988. I got hurt in the service ( Lower Bach, Spine ) Now I'm a DAV Service Officer for Chapter 113 In Port St. Lucie, Fl. If I can help at all email or call me. Thanks. Phone and Address available upon request.

Eddie D. Smith Apr 2, 2001 I arrived at 1/4 Cav about 17 Feb 68 based at Phu Loi. The first night there my hooch was hit by a 122mm rocket, and all my uniforms and equipment was lost. One of the people who had arrived with me that day was KIA, I believe he was in A Trp. I was only in HHC for about 4 months and was then transferred, with I believe 4 others to B Co., 1/34 Armor in Lai Khe. Phone and address available by request.

Richard Casteel 26 March 2001


If your tour of duty was Mid 68 to Mid 69, please take a good look at the above photo and see if you can identify him. He may be either a cook or a driver. Trooper Danny Estep dosen't have any memory of his tour of duty in Vietnam but this picture was of someone he thinks he knew. Richard Casteel, a close friend of Danny's, is trying to help him with his memories. Now you also can help out if you can contribute any information about the pictured Soldier.

Richard McClary Mar 23, 2001 Assigned to HHT 1968. Address and Phone available by request.

Dennis Skiles 13 March 2001 In country Nov 67 to Nov 68. Medic attached to 2nd Plt, B Troop Nov 67 to Mar 68 Senior Medic with C Troop Apr 68 to Nov 68. Home address and phone number available on request.

Hansel McNeil 7 March 2001 Thanks to Roscoe Morgan for this check-in.\par Talked to one of my buddies from the medics today. He was in HHT and I think B Troop. Just thought you might like to know. He hasn't been in contact with anyone in years and I was the one he talked to then. He wants to find out more and when I told him about the reunion in Nashville, all he wanted to know was "when is it"? He has had some health problems, but seems to be in pretty good health and spirits now.

Daniel O'Neill 6 Mar 2001 I was a spec 5, senior radio mechanic in HHT from fall, 1967 until Sept or Oct 68, "I'm not sure of the exact time frame", when I was medivaced out with Tuberculosis. I now suffer from PTSD, and I can remember some faces, but not the names of my fellow troopers. I feel I let the troop down by not being able to do a better job, or relating to the guys better than I did. I lost some freinds when I was with the 1rst cav in 1966. I shut down so I would not be hurt again if I lost a freind. It didn't work. If anyone who was in commo, or might remember me, I would like to hear from you. I thank you for your contact, and hope to hear from you, or any other cav member soon. Address availalbe by request

Rosco Morgan 5 Mar 2001 I served as a medic with HQ Trp and was attached to several troops during the first part of 1969. The latter part of June I went to Phu Loi & Dian for the duration of 69. First few days of 70 I came home and was done. Address and Phone number available on request.

Fred Smith 26 Feb 2001 I served with the 1/4 cav the whole year of 66 in vietnam, most of my time was at lai khe, I can't remember the name of the batallion headQuarters site, well it was a long time ago. I was a medic. I spent a few months at batallion headquarters also. Went the iron triangle, tay nin, loc nin, an loc. beautiful country and beautiful people. Address and Phone number available on request.

Jim Wilemon 18 Feb 2001 Could I get a readable copy of the obit on LTG Kelly. I was his RTO for 9 months. Quarter Horse S-3 RTO HHT Oct 1967 thru Jun 1968; TDY with B-Troop at various times; TDY 3-weeks with an ARVN Cav Sqdn. Also: RTT Operator 159 MI BN (Saigon/Duc Hoa) Nov 66 - Jan 67 and RTT Operator/ RWI Station Chief 121 Sig Bn , 1st Inf ( Phouc Vinh/Quan Loi) Jan 67 - Sep 67. Since the Military: Enroute Air Radar Air Traffic Controller -- 28 years ( Albuquerque and Houston) Retired 7/98 Currently -- Part Time Classroom and Simulator Instructor at the Albuquerque. Enroute Air Traffic Control Center and Volunteer Aide at the grade school where my wife teaches. Address and Phone number available by request.

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