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Steve Determann 4 Dec 2000 (alpha-- A Trp ,21-- Track number 2nd Plt, mike-- medic (Doc) I am a former trooper of the 1/4 Cav, 1967-68, A Trp,2nd Plt. 1st Inf. Div. I was what everyone called Bauxi,South Vietnamese for Doctor or Corpsman.In english my Platoon called me "Doc".and I earned that nickname and their respect. My Unit was in 5 battle campaigns in one year. One of the surviving Medics of original 35 now 3 is also interested, my best friend , who I saved and medevaced twice would like it too. He is now a Minister in Kentucky, Dennis. Oh! and by the way I would very much like to learn more of the History of 1/4 Cav, like maybe a book. I have already been to the web page of 1/4 cav in germany and read their History of the Unit. Please reply a soon as you can. Thank for reading this long winded letter. alpha21mike@hotmail.com

Terry Valentine 16 Nov 2000 I really would like to hear from Doc Witwicki or any other of the 2nd Platoon members from the time period. We soldiered hard and played hard as well. It seems that everybody has August 11th - 12th 1969 on their mind. Not a week goes by that I don't think about how lucky we are to still be around. Me guarding a broken tank inside Quan Loi and nothing but a .45 and the whole world exploding around the entire compound. That was twice that a broken track kept me from the rest of the platoon when the chips were down, June 9 as well, I had to change a final drive on my tank when Bill Gregory detonated the second mine. I am noticing that we all remember the incidents a little different (old age or perception?). I thought that the tanks that hit the command detonated mines/bombs was while we were Arclight assessing and a village seal that we went cross jungle and almost missed due to the way we re! ad the compasses without getting off of the tracks. 2nd Platoon 2/34 Armor, LT TL Piggs (his gunner died of an overdose at FT Riley after redeployment) was attached and the IN support was (I think) 1-26 or 1-28, but for sure not 2-2. I just realized that LTC Haponski lives a couple of miles from me. Does anyone remember LT Fitzgerald from 2nd Platoon Sep 68 - ?. I heard that he was seriously wounded after he left the Troop? Can anyone confirm or deny it? No Mission to Difficult, No Sacrifice to Great, Duty First, Prepared and Loyal (If you ain't CAV you ain't ****) If You Are Going To Be One, Be A Big Red One. Terry Valentine 1SG RET. Address and Phone# available by request.

Danny Estep 15 Nov 2000 A Trp 1968 This check-in was accomplished thanks to Danny's brother-in-law, Rich Casteel, who is a vietnam brother himself and George Hiem who was the attending medic when Danny was wounded. Danny was a member of Troop A, 1st Platoon. His ACAV hit a mine on Sunday Aug 11, 1968 while on a sweep thru Saigon. Danny doesn't have a computer but Rich has volunteered to get any e-mail sent thru him to Danny. Thanks from all of us Rich. Danny's address and phone# are available by request.

William Kampfert 28 Oct 2000 I joined A Troop, 1/4 Cav in Jan 64 from Trp C, 1st Recon Sqdn, 3d Armored Cav Regt in Germany. I guess you could say I was a hot headed professional private at that time. When I first arrived at A Troop, I walked across the parking lot and through the front door and asked this 1SG who was sitting there, where the orderly room was. First mistake. My second mistake was saying " Hi Top" when I came in. Well all you "A" Troopers know what happened. The world as I knew it ended. After I became about 100 pounds lighter and was able to find my orders, I was placed in Hqs Platoon in charge of the Radar Section because I knew what they were. Oh, one other small detail. I was the only operator too. Over the years I got up to the rank of SP5 and second in charge under SSG Harry Noeldner. Part of my job was TC of the 1SG's APC Track. I was with the troop until Sep 66. For you that were with "A" Troop at Riley, you might remember me because I was the one who rode the Harley-Davidson motorcycle to work everyday in rain, hail, sleet, snow, etc., etc. I lived on Custer Hill and nothing could stop me from making Pepe's AM roll call. Nothing. I was on the ship over and all our different base camps - LaiKhe; BenCat;PhuLoi; etc. I was at Bau Bang and met a few Viet Cong which weren't very friendly. As a matter of fact they made it possible for me to take an unwanted trip to Clark AFB and then to Tachikawa, Japan. After I was there a while I was sent to Zama, but not before I met Jenny Rose. (aka Tachikawa Rose, bb)(there's another story here everyone!) After Zama, I came back to Nam and "A" Troop. As everyone else, I went on all our littlle joy rides, even BM 69. All I can say is that I know I'm going to heaven because I was in Hell. We lost a lot of brave men through KIA and WIA. We all had our little spats with each other from time to time, but when it came "time", we were all one. There was not one coward in the group. Nothing but the bravest men in the world. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, that I, am proud to have served with and known each and everyone of you. You are all true hero's.

Joe Lake 9 Oct 2000 I stumbled upon the site today and picked up a couple of names and phone numbers I will call in the next couple of days. I served as 3d Platoon Leader of A Troop in 1966. My children will find the site interesting now that they are grown and have a lot of questions.

Dan Thompson 11 Sep 2000 Served with A Troop, 1/4 Cav, 2nd Platton Jun 67 thru Jun 68

Bob Lazzari 5 Sep 2000 I served with A Troop in Vietnam from July 68- July 69. I would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time. Thanks Address and Phone available by request.

Do you recognize this trooper, if you do, please read on

Pam Blackwell April 27, 2000

Trying to locate information about: ADRIAN EDWARD SIGLER "EDDIE" Branch of Service: Army Unit was: Troop A, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Where served: VIETNAM SAIGON? When served: 1968 Message is: My father was killed in vietnam 3 weeks before I was born. I am looking for anyone who might have known or served with him that can give me any information. His Captain's name at the time of his death was Frederick W. Shirley and the Chaplain was captain Judson P. Nelson.He was born in Hudson, New York in 1937. He died when his tank was blown up while guarding a water treatment plant at THU DUC outside Saigon on February 19th,1968. Please if anyone has any information at all....it would mean so much to me. Thank You. Please contact: PAM BLACKWELL Mailing address: 105 OAKDALE RD. City, State, Zip: RUSSELLEVILLE,KY. 42276 Or send email useing the above automail.

Floyd Funk 6 August 2000 I served in the 3rd Platoon, A Troop in Jan 69-Mar 70. Would like to hear from anybody from that time and place.

Michael L. Pepe

, then First Sergeant, Retired CSM A Troop, 65-66 He is 76 years old and still manages to get around. A little slower now than he used to but he could still ramrod a Cavalry Troop if asked to. He retired from the army with 31 years service in 1974. He doesn't have a computer and don't want one so if you want to talk with him you'll have to call him up or write him. He was nearly mortally wounded at the battle of Ap Tau O, also known as Bench Mark 69. This was the action in which A Troop was sent out along Hwy 13 to deliberatly draw the VC/NVA out and into a fight. It was one of the fiercest of battles fought by the Quarterhorse and there were heavy losses, both in personnel and equipment. Pepe's APC caught an RPG which hit while he was working the M60 MG and firing an M79 at the same time. His right thigh was broken and he received multiple fragmentation wounds from the belt line down. Removed from the vehicle by SP5 Kampfert, they lay in the bushes along the roadway listening to the VC talking until The 2nd Platoon Sergeant rolled up in a tank and eliminated the VC with two canister rounds. Pepe showed no vital signs upon examination so he was placed in a body bag and laid with the rest of the KIA. Another unit arrived later and a friend of his asked his whereabouts and was told that Pepe was KIA. He asked to see the remains and upon opening the body bag discovered Pepe was breathing. He was med evac'd to the USA to Letterman General Hospital in California where he was first placed in a body cast for 9 months and then spent 6 more months in rehabilitation. He remembers visiting Cpt's Sturgis and Hubbard at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in 1967. Otherwise he has not ran into any of the original group from A Troop. He would love hearing from you and has many fond memories of A Troop and it's Troopers. (Address and Phone number available from WebMaster)

Carl H. (Skip) Bell III 11 July 2000 Carl served as AL6, A6, Dragoon 4 and B6 in 69-70. He checked in with a story which has been posted on the A Troop "Tell your Story" Webpage.

Mike Armstrong 6 July 2000 I arrived in-country on January 28, 1969 and was assigned to A Troop as the Mike 6 platoon leader under Bill Newell the A Troop Commander. On August 29, I assumed the duties as the A Troop XO. On February 20, 1970 I was assigned to command B Troop, replacing Skip Bell, where I remained until the Division redeployed and I escorted the Squadron colors back to the states and Ft Reily. Address and Telephone available by request.

Gary Warne 29 Jun 2000 The name is Gary Warne I Was in Hq Plt. and drove A8. I went over from Fort Riley . I have just found this site. I cant place your name but I will dig out some old pics and e-mail them to you, If you could do the same that may help me out.

Jerry Sanders June 29, 2000 Hi, My name is Jerry Sanders I was in the 1/4 cav A troop from Mar 1966 to Jan 1967. I was in H/Q Plt. until a little trouble with the acting 1st Sgt. I was assigned to a mortar track in a line plt. I was a 19 yr. old from California. It is a strange thing but I can' t remember very many names of the men I served with in the Cav. I transfered from a infantry plt with a engineer unit to the 1/4 Cav. My 1st Co. was a major then a new Capt. from Westpoint. The APC I was on was called Ace. Later I was on Duce. Then last on a mortar track. I just found this web site and I just wanted to say hi !

Johnny Jenkins, "Jenks" 21 June 2000 Served with unit mar.68 to mar.69.Apc driver, etc. track number C32, I believe our unit tracks had green lighting streaks on them , Baby son, Belrose from New York Sgt. Doosier are some some of the names.

Harvey Medenwaldt 7 June 2000 e-mail to Jeff Kramer. My fiance is Harvey Medenwaldt. He served 1st Division, Troop A, 1st Battallion, 4th Calvary. He was in VietNam from November 1968 to November 1969. I told him I found the reunion on the Big Red One web site. He is just starting to remember things from that long ago time, and I won't be able to get him to go. He does not know I am sending this e-mail. But if you have a board at the reunion, put his name on it that he has checked in. He can be found in the white pages on the internet. His is the only first and last name of its kind as far as I know. He lives in Big Lake, MN. He remembers Quan Loi, August 12, 1969 as the nite that never ended. I hope that some of his buddies come to the reunion and try to find them. I haven't been able to find anyone. Sandy Avera

Ed Novak 30 May 2000 Troop A, Ground Radar Surveillance, 65-66. I was part of the original group that deployed to nam. I was transferred from the 63rd Armor when it was disbanded for the Vietnam movement. I remember the trip on the "USNS Sultan". I was really seasick. I remember landing in nam with the Division Band playing. A different way of hitting the beach. Many other memories are stirred in me today- many of them of our comrades who didn't come home. Of Lai Khe, Ben Cat and that long day at Bau Bang. I was officially part of Ground Surveillance Radar as a Senior Ground Radar Operator, but our portable radar sets were damaged in trasit so I became a jack of all trades. Harry Noeldner was our "Sarge in Charge". There are many thoughts in my head now, but I'll save them for a later time. Thanks for making Memorial Day 2000 one of meaningful reflection for me. If you have time and are so inclined, I'd enjoy hearing from you. God and Duty First!!

Bruce Hanson 26 May 2000 I served with A troop, 2nd platoon from February to September, 1968 on track 21. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers any names of others in our platoon during that time and any history (dates of battles, names of killed and wounded, etc.) Have had my nose to the grindstone ever since getting back from Nam and now feel the need to reconnect with anyone who remembers. Phone: 1-612-941-6423. Address: 10342 Huntington Dr., Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55347

Rob Ferguson 11 May 2000 I served with A Troop, 2/68 thru 2/69 on the 63 ACAV. Looking for anyone I served with, especially those from HQ Platoon. Would appreciate any info anyone might have about the Squadron (especially A Troop) during that time period. Also looking for info on Capts Connelly & Poole, The medic Russell, my driver Tom Zuffante just to name a few. I may have some info on Unit Citations and the like which I will forward as soon as I get to it. Am currently wading thru many years of accumulated stuff. Home address and Telephone available from Joe Birindelli or Bill Baty

John Daniels 29 Apr 2000

Served with A Troop, 67-68. Has worked in Construction since discharge. Home address: Rt 2, Box 171, Humansville, MO 65674 Telephone: 417.754.2598

Thomas L. Mathis April 22, 2000

Alpha Troop, First Platoon from January 1969 until October 1969. I would like for anyone that served with me in Vietnam to contact me. We were young and created some memories. I remember such places as Quan Loi, Lia Khe, Thunder 1,2, and 3. Remagen fire bases on the Song BE road. The Iron Triangle, Trapezoid area, Michilen Rubber Plantation and a muddy road Northeast of Ben Cat where I hit a mine in October 1969. My call sign was Alpha Lima Duce, most people called me Tommy, I graduated from the Armor School 11 delta training in Fort Knox , Ky in 1968. Any of you Instant NCO's that graduated From the Armor school, I would love to hear from you.

Dan Bunch April 19, 2000

SP4 in A Troop on the Headquarters Como Track (mostly) - from Jul 6, 1969 till we stripped the vehiles and went home, provided you had ten months or more in country. My Address is: 4294 Bug Road Warsaw, NY 14569-9757

Sp4 LANE J. LOSEE, April 19, 2000 Was a member of A Troop, 1/4 Cav Dec 65 - Dec 66. Home address is 2208 W. Riverside Lane St. George, Utah 84770 Phone: 435-628-0775

John J. Barton April 19, 2000

I was in the A Troop 4th Cav. from December 1965 through November 1966. My home address is Rt. 1, Box 341-1, Macclenny, Florida 32063. My home phone number is (904) 653-1354. Would love to hear from anyone serving with me. Thanks.

Daniel Huckins April 18, 2000

I was an SP4 with A Troop 1/4 Cav in Vietnam. Feb 1967-Feb 1968. I would like to make contact with anyone I served with. My Telephone number is: 904.504.0630 My address is: 7056 Shawn Lane Jacksonville, Florida 32244.

Pierce "Ken" Keck April 14, 2000

I was assigned to A Troop in "nam" as an NCO In the Infantry Squad from Sep 65 -Jun 66. Would like to hear from anyone serving the same period and especially anyone who knows how to get in touch with Robert Lindsey. My address Phone are available upon request from myself or the WebMaster.

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