B Troop, 1/4 Cavalry Queries 1999-2001

B Troop Queries 1999-2001

J. White - 13 Jul 2001 I just recvd the websites for the 1/4 cav...I served in Nam from 4/68-4/69,B troop...I drove tank for 12 months with Sgt Delarosa and Sgt Shedd. Address available upon request.

John Conley - 14 Jun 2001 - From February 7, 1967, through February 7, 1968, I was the Platoon Leader of the 2nd Platoon of "B" Troop, then the XO and finally the Troop Commander during the first Tet Offensive. After a month stateside I returned to be Adjutant for a month and became Troop Commander of "A" Troop from April 17, 1968, until September 13, 1968 (Friday the 13th - best day of my life - twice - once on either side of the international date line). I am extremely proud to have been in the real Cavalry and served with the best America has to offer. After a lifetime in management I went back to school (University of Florida) to earn a Juris Doctorate a little over 3 years ago. My law office in Clearwater, Florida is adorned with my military memorabilia. I am proud of my military background, and my heart is still in the Cavalry and on the battlefield. I have learned that the public respects a military man who has the balls to not hide his history. I have also learned it is good for business. I encourage all my fellow troopers to allow themselves to be recognized as the heroes they were and are. Our country needs genuine heroes to emulate. Prepared and Loyal. ConleyatLaw@AOL.com. PS. Has anyone found Fred Currier yet? If anyone has his SSN, please contact me and I may be able to help locate him.

Frank Stearns - 24 May 2001 Thanks for the Site. I seldom ever meet anyone who served in Vietnam. Now I know where to talk to guys who served in my unit. Dragoon Bravo 27 from Jul 67 to Jul 68.

Clark J. Gasper 28 Apr 200l. I was assigned the 1st platoon, B troop in May of 1969. I have experienced much esteem and great admiration for all the men that fought with the "Fighting 1st". It was a great honor to have the opportunity to lead them in the battle of "An Loc II", June 6th, 1969. Presently, I am a tradeshow coordinator at several of the Los Angeles area Convention centers.

Robert (Bob) Haire 14 April 2001 I served with the 3rd Platoon of B Troop from October 1969 to March 1970. The base cam was Lai Khe. I was the TC of B-30 (ACAV). I would like to hear from former members of Bravo November that I served with.

Dennis Skiles 13 March 2001 In country Nov 67 to Nov 68. Medic attached to 2nd Plt, B Troop Nov 67 to Mar 68 Senior Medic with C Troop Apr 68 to Nov 68. Home address and phone number available on request.

Wayne Paddack 19 Feb 2001 SFC Wayne Paddock Served as PSG in B Troop Dec 66 to Dec 67. TC on M-48. Trying to contact LT Bertin who was Platoon Leader at Quon Loi Jul thru Nov 67. Have made contact with Gary Chenett, we are both in the Corpus Christi, TX area. Like to hear from troopers from 1st and 2nd Platoons. Address and telephone number available by request.

Joe Beringer 19 Feb 2001 Was in B Troop, 4th Cav from Jan 66 to Jul 66. Home base was Phoc Vhin.

George R. Awe 2 Feb 2001 (First e-mail)My name is George R. Awe and I served as First Sergeant, B Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry in Germany and Austria in 1945 to 1946. I don't seem able to contact any of my fellow troopers. (Second e-mail) Thanks for your prompt reply! I'll try and answer some of your questions. I was a member of B Troop, 1st Sqdn, 4th Cav Group. The 2nd Squadron changed to the 24th Squadron and along with the 759th Tank Batt, a medical Det and Hq Squadron made up the 4th Cavalry Group. The Group was assigned to the 7th Corps. Yes, there was a 4th Cavalry, the 1/4 cav is a descendant. (Are your Proud?) I dug up a lot of info from the following: http://huachuca-www.army.mil/USAG/BTROOP/History.htm There are others e.g. 1st Squadron 4th Cav Quarter Horse and Darkhorse, 14th Cavalry. I'm a member of the 4th Cavalry (Regiment) Association. It's getting smaller each year. Keep in touch!

David Seal 10 Jan 2001 David served with B Troop, 1st Platoon from Sep 68 to Sep 69. His Home address is: 511 H. N. W. Childress, TX Mailing address: is PO Box 314 Childress, TX 79201 His Phone is: 940-937-3783 He would like to hear from anyone that was in his platoon.

This is a multipal unit posting: Lewis Graff 1 Dec 2000 Lew served from May 66 to Jan 68 in Nam, then again from Apr 69 to Mar 70. He served a total of 30 months in country, 24 months with the QuarterHorse. Can anyone top this for TIC?

May 66 to Nov 66  1/26th Inf., Scout Plt Sgt & Asst Opns Sgt
Nov 66 to Dec 66, 1st Bde Hqs, Asst S2 SGT
Dec 66 to Feb 67, HHT, 1/4 Cav, Asst Opns Sgt
Feb 67 to Aug 67, C Trp, 1/4 Cav, 1st Plt Sgt
Aug 67 to Jan 68, HHC, 1/4 Cav, Asst Opns Sgt
Jan 68 to Apr 69, CONUS
Apr 69 to Sep 69, B Trp, 1/4 Cav, 1SG
Aug 69 to Mar 79, HHT, 1/4 Cav, Opns Sgt
Mar 79 - DEROS
Address and phone number available on request.

Dan Taylor 1 Dec 2000 I served with B Troop in 67. I was the TC of 19. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. If anyone knows anything about Pascal Samples, Please contact me.

William "Pete" Ramsey 30 Oct 2000 Hello fellow Cavers, I was with B-Troop 2nd Platoon from July 69 till withdrawal. It would be great to hear from all you guys again and see you in Nashville 2001. Please get back in touch It's been far too long.

John Hughes 9 Oct 2000 I was the B Troop Motor Sergeant, Bravo 8 1968- May 1969 I Would like to hear from anybody on the VTR or Bravo 8 Before B Troop I served in HO Troop as a wheel mechanic for about 1 year. Was from Siagon to Lock Nin, route 13 and route 1, Water plant. You name it, I was there. Address and Phone number available by request.

Bob McGreevey 8 Sep 2000 Hello, I'm Bob McGreevey I was a mech on Bravo 8 and occasionally on the VTR, from Oct 67 till Aug 68. I would like to hear from any troopers. You guys were my Heros then and still are. Address available by request.

Mike O'Conner 25 June 200 Hello fellow Troopers. Bill Haponski, Greg Street, and I are currently working on a project to preserve the "History of Quarter Cav in Vietnam." One of the items we are particularly interested in is maps of the Quarter Cav AO. The maps we are now seeking are those in the 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 scale. We also would like any map overlays that were in use at the time. I have, at present, a huge number of maps that are scaled at 1:250,000. These are photos of maps that were carried on aircraft flying sorties in the 1966-1972 era. The maps are very detailed and are providing us much information. You D Troop/16 Cav guys probably carried these same maps. If you need some of those, send me an email. If you are interested in joining the project, please contact our old 6, Bill Haponski If you have links or other info that might lead us to records of morning reports, casualty lists, etc, mail Greg Street If you have maps, overlays, or related graphical representations, mail Mike O'Connor or here. Thanks, Mike B Troop 1969

Hi All! When the 1st. Div. and 1/4 Cav. went home we received a 1st. Div "Yearbook" with general information on the history of the 1st Div in Vietnam, a spring 1970 copy of Danger Forward with a brief description of all the major battles with 1st Div stats on kills and all of the individual units. We also received the last "Vietnam" issue of the 1st. Div newspaper "American Traveler" which had two articles on the Cav. One written by Richard Humphreyon on his second tour and an article about a Sioux Indian - Alan Whitelightning. I don't know if you guys have seen these or would be interested in seeing them?? Let me know and I'll copy and scan, fax or mail them to you - just let me know. As you contact the other guys, ask them if they would like to see any of this stuff. Best Regards, Ron Selbe

Dave Hooker 23 August 2000 I served with the 1/4 Cav. from 6/67 till 1/69. Drove ammo truck for about three months, then was driver and later TC on the Zippo called "Burning sensation". Ended up being in the 3rd herd, B Trp., TC on track #32 (called "Bad Trip" ). Would like to make contact with anyone who was in the unit while I was there. Or anyone who would be interested in meeting for old times sake. Phone number available by request.

Kerry Schoolik 27 July 2000 Assigned to B Troop, 2nd Platoon, B-25 Feb 68 to Nov 68. Would like hearing from all Quarterhorse Veterans.

Carl H. (Skip) Bell III 11 July 2000 Carl served as AL6, A6, Dragoon 4 and B6 in 69-70. He checked in with a story which has been posted on the A Troop "Tell your Story" Webpage.

Bob Mcgee 7 July 2000 I would like to say hello to all who served with B Troop from 69 to 70, in Lai Khe. It has taken me alot of years to do this. Also, a hello to the Men from B Co, 1/28. My first tour of duty, 66 to 67. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me. My address is: 19391 Alvaro Lane Oregon City, OR 97045. Till then my fellow friends, God bless the First Division.

Johnny Jenkins, "Jenks" 21 June 2000 Served with unit mar.68 to mar.69.Apc driver, etc. track number C32, I believe our unit tracks had green lighting streaks on them , Baby son, Belrose from New York Sgt. Doosier are some some of the names.

Richard R. Skolnedovich Sr. 1 June 2000 Member of B Troop 1965-66. Served then as SGT E5, retired as CSM in 1983. God Speed.

Mike O'Conner 26 May 2000 Hello Troopers, I am interested in contacting anyone I may have known in 2d (Mike) plt, B Troop, 1/4 Cav in 1969. I would also enjoy hearing from any troopers past or present. I have created a web site where you may have photos posted of yourself or troopers that you might be trying to find. E-mail me to have your pics included. Your pics will have a link to e-mail you directly should someone like to contact you. To view those already posted, click here Quarter Cav Open to all Quarter Cav members, past and present, and their families. Regards. Mike O'connor Address and telephone available by request.

James A.(Jay) Ward 10 May 2000, 1LT, B Troop, 3d Plt, 6/69-3/70

Ed Lorentzen, B Troop, 1st Platoon 69-70 (Not on Line)

JIM LEEP April 29, 2000

B Troop 1965 to 66. Address 44l6 Jeffers Dr. New Albany, IN 47150-9327 Telephone: 812.948.0191

Jim C. Pitts April 29, 2000

I would enjoy hearing from the troopers who served with me in Troop B during 1969. I was Bravo One Six, then Bravo Five. It was a long time ago and I spent many more years in Army green afterward, but these troopers remain uppermost in my mind and heart. We went through a lot together, at Di An and Lai Khe, the Thunders, the Michelin Plantation, and all of those other places whose names we will never forget. I am now the town administrator of Pelham, NH, and I can be reached by mail at 327 Pleasant Street, Franklin, NH 03235-1888. Tel: (603) 934-1223.

Frank D. Maughan April 27, 2000

B Troop 2nd Platoon Leader Jun 66 to Dec 66 Just received The Bridgehead, & found, on page 13, the story regarding the QuarterHorse...What a relief!!! I'd been lead to believe that the Squadron had nothing going on. The article mentioned trying to get information regarding the current QuarterHorse...I'm in e-mail contact with DARKHORSE 6, while he & DARKHORSE are deployed in Kosovo. Chapter 995 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (Northern Utah) as a service project is keeping in contact with the single service members of that troop, while they are deployed. The current Sqdn Cdr is LTC Hugh McMaster, who still leads the remainder of the squadron in Germany, while DARKHORSE is deployed. Let me know if I can be of service to you, regarding information of others from the Squadron?? I tried to enter the database tonight & was denied access (they must have a copy of my security clearance!!). Let me know how I may help...Frank Maughan, Dragoon Bravo 26 Provisional Zippo PltLdr Jan '67, Dragoon Charlie 36 (Jan '67-June '67)

Paul Levesque driver and gunner in B Troop 67/68 15 Old Auburn Rd. Derry, New Hamp. 03038 Phone: 603-537-0160

John (Pat) Bratton B Troop for 1 year as a gunner then was in D Troop. 67/68 as door gunner on the old man's chopper. 140 Deanna Ct. Lawrenceville, Ga. 30045 Phone: 770-962-0465

Jeff Kramer I was in country 1/68 to 12/68 ,I was the TC on B4 track called "BUMMER" and trying to locate my driver Joe Coleman and como sgt. Fred Currier and another trooper named Bob(Robert ) Ivey. Is it possible that that they may have signed in. Thank you PREPARED AND LOYAL

Jerry ArbogastApril 6, 2000

B-Troop, 2nd Platoon from Dec 68 to Feb 70. My Platoon Sergeant was Felipe DeLaRosa and I was on Tank B-25. Now I live in Virginia. I spent quality time on Hwy 13, Iron Triangle, FSB Rita, Michelin Rubber Plantation, and all of those other exotic spots my recruiter promised I would go. Would love to hear from anyone that served and especially anyone who knows where SGT DeLaRosa is now.

Robert W. Visscher, Major, Retired June 7, 1999
Served as the commanding officer of Troop B from December 1964 (Ft Riley) to March 1966 (Vietam) and deployed with the squadron from Ft Riley to Vietnam. After his tour with Troop B he as served at division headquarters until he left Vietnam. E-mail for Home address and Telephone Number. Major Visscher would like to hear from anyone he served with.

Gary Chenett July 23, 1999 - I was with the 1/4 Cav, B Troop from Feb of 67 till Feb of 68 in Nam. Served on the 18 track ( banshee) most of the time..I am in Grand Blanc, Mich. now..my phone is 810-7i4-5442. I have several names of other troopers that were with B-Troop to share also. During my tour we had our base camp in Phu Loi and went north to Lai Khe and sometimes all the way to Cambodia on Thunder Road (Hwy 13)anyone feel free to contact me ...Welcome Home... and remember Prepared and Loyal.....We have a great effort on-going in Cyber Space related to Agent Orange and an award you can receive for your sacrifice if you have any of the documented dieases related to AO. Our web-site is at www.silverrose.org Another mission we have is to advise and assist our brothers in receiving the care they earned and are due from the Veterans Administration. Please feel free to visit our web-site or contact me for additional information.

Gene Raynes I was with 1/4 cav B troop third platoon in vietnam from Feb 1969 to Feb 1970 My mailing address is 4808 floyd st. south charleston west virginia 25309. I served at Dian and Lai-Khe during this time period, would like to hear from anybody or anybody that knows me.

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