C Troop, 1/4 Cavalry Queries - 2001

C Troop Queries - 2001

CHARLES L. BRIGANCE - 13 December 2001 -

CSM (Ret) Brigance was the First Sergeant of C Troop shipping over from Riley and PCS'ing in Apr 66. He remained on active duty until 1972 when he retired as CSM and started his own business which he still runs in Richland, MO. He would love to hear from anyone he served with. He dosen't do computers but his phone number and address are available upon request from the WebMaster.

Lowell Rase - 8 Oct 2001 -
I would like to join the Quarter Horse BB & Query site! My name is Lowell W Rase, and I arrived "in country" on 21 March, 1966. I (and 27 others) were used by Div as supply list fillers, graves reg. at Dian, and the Div laundry at Bien Hoa for a month untill they found a "place" for us out in the different units that made up the BRO. I made the horrible mistake when I joined the Army in 64 of telling them I cold type 90 wpm, so I wound up in Charlie Troop as morning report clerk .. then Troop clerk(till they got an actual clerk) ... then supply clerk/armorer/scrounger under SSGT King, where I helped train Larry Hillberry. FINALY, Capt. Slattery signed my orders for transfer to 2nd platoon, where I did everything from driving/gunning/grenadeer on APCs to loading/gunning an M48A3 ... finally winding up as TC on the Two Eight track, which, with my 63C20 MOS served me in good stead indeed! When I got out in 68, I tried very successfully to wipe all the names from my memmory, but later (years) regretted having done so! I'd like to post on the C Troop BB, but will take a few days to get my toughts together, as just finding the site, and reading the posts has been quite a shock! One question I do have is ....what was the name of the SSGT (2nd platoon, I think) who got hit by the RPG on our way back from the Bob Hope show during the "cease fire" on x-mas day, 1966? It happened just before we got back to Lai Khe .....last village on the right just before Lai Khe? I remember him being a fine soldier and an outstanding NCO, and I can't remember if he just lost his right arm, or diedd later from that cowardly atack! Any info would be appreciated.

Greg Reid - 27 Sep 2001 -
I live in Mesa, AZ. I served with C Troop � Cav in Germany - Panzerkaserne 1973-1978. I would welcome any contract from those that served with me. Thanks

Dewey Hassig - 14 Sept 2001 -
Ctroop 1/4 cav, Panzerkaserne, Boeblingen, West Germany, 1-73 to 8-76 infantryman.


Jerry Orr C Troop Tanker Dec65-Dec66 Home Phone (812)268-6505 Not on line yet but planning on buying a Computer soon. He saw our article in the latest Bridgehead Sentenal and Called me tonight. He is 100% with PTSD but is beginning to deal with it and would love to hear from anyone he served with. He has memory problems but if you talk with him for awhile about something that happened, it will come to him. He lives in Indiana.

Alex C. Alexandrou - 20 Jun 2001 - 91B20 beret medical specialist..SP5..assigned 1-4 CAV... C Troop...squad 1..tet offensive era...1967-1968..if recognize..send message..pursued medical field after left service...personal info...upon request..title following name is to a medical title..professional registered and certified medical assistant..public practices...private as a professional private medical consultant...treating as best seen fit and called for....best of health and well wishes to each....nicknamed doc to unit..send message. Alex C. Alexandrou, RMA-C

Stewart Beall - 12 Jun 2001- I was a platoon leader and Troop XO (A & C) from Sep 68 to Aug 69 (except for a few weeks out of country recovering from malaria). Address and Phone available by request.


Jimmy Barrett -31 May 2001- I served with C troop, 1/4 Cav from Mar 69 till Dec 69. I would like to see a troop roster from that time.

Larry Orr -30 May 2001- I joined C Troop 3rd PLT in July of 66 and remained there until I rotated back to the states in July of 67. I was placed on a M113 until it was destroyed and then moved to a M48A3 Tank "which served me well". I really enjoyed the extra armor. If anyone remembers me? Please drop me a line. When it comes to the time period when I was in RVN, My memory is not very good . My brain just seems to block out things. I'm trying hard to put all the pieces together. I think I remember a SSgt Farmer and some one called Sony and my driver had a nickname of "Candy" (I think he had a sweet tooth). I remember my tank crew giving me a electric watch when I left. Still got it and its just like new!

James L. "Rock" McGee-14 May 2001 - I was with C Troop 1/4 1st Plt 1966 to 1967 I returned to C Troop in 1968 to 1969 My home address is 1301 Hammond Dr. Killeen, TX 76543 if anyone would like to write to me please do so I will answer all Thank you

Richard A. Schaffer 24 Apr2001 I served in the Iron Triangle from July 1967 through July 1968 in C Troop 3rd platoon and 2nd platoon. I served my last six months at Fort George Meade and was discharged honorably. Sgt was are platoon Sgt in Viet Nam and he was my First Sgt at FT Meade before my discharge. Sgt Harper was my platoon sergeant in the 2nd platoon and I also had the honor of his visit at Ft Meade and Hobby was also there at Ft. Meade. However, I can recall the names and faces of the people that I served with in 3rd Platoon much better. I'm hoping to see everyone at the Reunion in Nashville . I am also an active member of the Society. God Bless you all and I miss everyone of you.

Dennis Skiles 13 March 2001 In country Nov 67 to Nov 68. Medic attached to 2nd Plt, B Troop Nov 67 to Mar 68 Senior Medic with C Troop Apr 68 to Nov 68. Home address and phone number available on request.

Sheldon Phillips 14 Feb 2001 I served with C Troop from Sep 65 to 66. Would like to hear from all my old friends.

Karl Listl 30 Jan 2001 Just found your site and found it very helpful. Here lately I have been reminded of the past and been trying to remember some of the times and people I served with. I joined C troop in Feb 62 and left in Jun 66 . Initially was on HQ PLT. tank (the old 41s). When we got the M48A3 I was transferred into the 3rd Plt. Deployed by C130 to Vietnam ( Long Bien). Sat there for a while playing infantry waiting for our vehicles to arrive. Was not fun walking the jungle. Finally got our tanks and APC, then moved up to Lai Kai. From there we moved up to Phu Loi. did not matter much any way never spent much time in camp any way. Was loaned to A Troop on 8 Jun to replace one of their tanks that they had lost on the way to Phu Loi. We became their lead Tank on the way north up highway 13.and Ap Tau O. Left later that Jun for Walter Reed. Karl Listl (Sgt)Address available by request.

James D. Nelson 17 Jan 2001 I was contacted by Geo (Heim ?)as he saw that I was registered as having served with 1/4 Cav in 1968. I was a 91B20 assigned to 1st platoon C Troop. I have some slides that I took while I was there -- one shows Dale Hill (KIA) working on his A-Cav during a stand-down. I also have a few others that might be interesting to some others. I will scan some of them and either e-mail them to you or I could ut them on a CD and send them to you. Please advise which is better for you and what type of file is better for you. (I usually use JPGs but can send almost any type.) I live in: San Antonio, Texas By the way this web site is probably the best I have ever seen and is a beautiful tribute the 1/4 Cav and those who have served proudly in it. Thank you for all of your work.

Harold J. Richmond 8 Jan 2001 I served with C Troop from Aug 64 to Aug 66. I was a track mechanic in the maintenance section and rode on C-8 or C-9. I live in LaSalle, Michigan. I was at Ft. Riley and went to Nam from there in a C-130 in Sep 65. Address and phone # available by request.

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