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TOM OKERLUND- 30 May 2005 -
Happened upon your site today while trying to find a source for the C/16 Cav Unit Patch. I was with the unit at Can Tho in '72 and with D 1/4th at Riley from 08/72-07/77. Know Dave Fesmire quite well but haven't tried him as a source.
I noticed that Cpt. "Ranger" Rooney is not listed on your Taps for C/16th. As I recall, Dave said he died many years ago. Cpt Rooney was with me in the Four Horsemen during 1972. Dave should have more info on him.
I'm the WebMaster for my first unit's website, www.bco123rdavnbn.org check it out if you've a chance.
Guess I need to join the 1/4 Cav Association!
Tom Okerlund
CW4, USA Ret.

Dave DeckerFeb 17, 2000. Served with D Troop and C Troop, 16th Cav 1970. Howdy, I spent my second tour as a LOACH gunner arriving just in time for the colors to be furled and sent home in Late Feb or early Mar of 1970. I have numberious pictures taken during my tour, if interested, please contact me. Dave Decker Hereford, AZ Tele: 520.803.6727.

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