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1/4 Cavalvry After Action Report - PAUL BUNYAN - 13 September 67

				APO San Francisco 96345

AVDB-QH3								13 September 1967

Commanding General
1st Infantry Division
ATTN: ACofS, G-3
APO US Forces 96345

Hq, 2d Bde, 1st Inf Div, dtd 21 July 1967

2.	DATES OF OPERATION: 21 July to 13 August 1967

3.	GENERAL: The 1-4 Cav(-) was under the operational control of the 2d Bde 
during the entire operation. The 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry's primary mission was 
to provide a screen to the north and east of the Ong Dong Jungle which, in effect, 
was designed to provide further protection for the Rome Plows clearing the Ong 
Dong Jungle.


	a.	Enemy activities throughout the Squadron's area of operations 
consisted primarily of RPG2 attacks and the mining of roads. There were no major 
enemy encounters during the operation.

On 4 August 1967, while conducting S&D activities Trp B received an RPG-2 round 
vicinity XT968285. There were negative casualties and no damage to the vehicle.

On 8 August 1967 Trp A received an RPG-2 round resulting in 4 US WIA and light 
damage to one ACAV. VC losses unknown.

Three AT mines were hit during the operation resulting in one M48A3 destroyed 
and 2 damaged.

	b.	Fortifications: Fortifications encountered during the operation 
were extremely well constructed.. The majority were constructed with logs and 
earth with overhead cover varying from two to three feet in depth.

	c.	Terrain and Weather: Traffic ability in the Ong Doria Jungle 
varied from fair to poor. Frequently, the sandy loam type soil of the Ong Dong 
and the rising water table curtailed effective operations, but at no time was the 
traffic ability poor enough to warrant the termination of S&D activities.

	d.	Intelligence: Intelligence prior to the beginning of Operation 
PAUL BUNYAN I indicated that prior to the operation the Thu Loi Bn, Autumn Fighters, 
C-265 Co., C-63 Co, C-300 plt, C-118 plt, and the Tan Hoa Khanh guerrillas had been 
sighted prior to the beginning of the operation in the operational area. Also the 
273d Viet Cong Regiment was reportedly located to the northeast of the operational 

5.	MISSION: 1-4 Cay (-) conducts S&D operations in assigned AOs to screen 
operations of Rome Plows against VC activity, secure assigned sector of Route 
Bronze, escort convoys to Lai Khe, secure FSPB "C" and secure engineer work parties 
on Route 13.

6.	EXECUTION: Initially the Squadron (-) with A/5/2 conducted security 
operations along Route Bronze and escorted convoys between Di An and Lei Khe while 
Troops A & B secured FSPB "C" (XT908170) and FSPB "F" (ST0217). The portion of 
Route Bronze from CP 84 to CP 83 was secured in conjunction with 1st Cav ARVN. 
Initial Squadron CP was located vicinity XT955250. In the course of the removal of 
the Ong Dong Jungle the Squadron (-) conducted screening operations and Search and 
Destroy to the northeast. As the Rome Plows advanced, the Squadron (-) area of 
operation was steadly moved to the north until such a time that it straddled Route 
16 vicinity XT9129. At this time Troop C assumed responsibility for FSPB "F" and 
Troop B rejoined the Squadron. The remaining time was spent operating east of Route 
16 north of the Ong Dong Jungle conducting screening and Search and Destroy 
missions. Results of this mission are as listed in paragraph 8.

7.	SUPPORT: Artillery units of the 1st Infantry Division Artillery provided 
artillery preparations and fire support on call. The 7th Air Force provided TAO Air 
support. Prep and airstrikes were call and preplanned.


	a.	US Losses:

		(1)	Personnel - 12 WIA
		(2)	Equipment - 2	M48A3 Damaged by mines
				    1	M113 Damaged by RPG-2
				    1	M48A3 Destroyed by mine.

	b.	VC Losses:

		(1)	Personnel - Unknown

		(2)	Equipment - 3000 lbs polished rice
                                    6 AT mines
				   11 Base camps
				    7 Shelters with tin roofs
				   79 Bunkers with overhead cover
				    1 750 lb bomb
				    3 Rifle Grenades 14 Booby traps
				    1 US Claymoro mine
				    1 Stove
				    9	VC ponchos
				    1	Chicom Claymore mine Numerous documents
                                   39   Firing positions
				    6   Mortar positions
				  130   rounds AK-47 ammo
				    2   US carbines
				    7   RPG-2 rounds
				    5   EPG-2 charges
				    1   RPG-2 launcher
				  300   .30 cal rounds


	a.	Administrative and Logistical support was adequate

		(1)  Supply: Initial resupply was by road, with Phu Loi as 
the logistical base.  Later, resupply was limited to air transportation.

		(2) Maintenance:  All maintenance was adequate and support 
was fell coordinated.
		(3)	Treatment of Casualties: No unusual treatment problems
		(4)	Communications: Constant effective communications were 
maintained at all times.

	b.	Personnel analysis:    
        Organization Designator		Initial			Termination
	  1-4	Cav: Authorized 	  930                        930
		     Assigned         a.  566                  b.   566
       		 Above figures exclude Troop D(Air) and one troop; Troop
        	 B (figure a) & Troop C (Figure b.) OPCON 1st Brigade

                     Present for Duty a.  542		       b.  538

 			Figure A excludes Troop B and Troop D (Air)
			Figure B excludes Troop C and Troop D (Air)

 	c:  Combat After Action Report (OPERATION PAUL BUNYAN)
                      Present in Field:	a. 321	               b. 334

			Figure A excludes Troop B and D (Air)
			Figure B excludes Troop C and D (Air)

		      Present Base Camp:
			Troop A	          18      19
			Troop B	        detached  18
			Troop C	          19	detached
			Troop D (Air)	detached	
			Headquarters Troop  193	 171


                                                      /signed by
                                                    JOHN W. HOLDSWORTH
			                            CPT, Armor

After Action Report - SHENANDOAH II - 30 Nov 67

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