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1/4 Cavalvry After Action Report - SHENANDOAH II - 30 November 67

				 APO San Francisco 96345

									30 November 1967

SUBJECT:  Combat Operations After Action Report (MACV-RCS/J3/32) OPERATION SHENANDOAH II

TO: Commanding Officer
    Heaquarters, 1st Brigade
    lst Infantry Division
    ATTN:  S3
    APO San Francisco 96345

1. lst Squadron 4th Cavalry, Fire Support Base Security and road clearing operations.
2.	281615 September 1967 to 151204 November 1967.

3.	Reference (OPORD 16-67 lst Squadron 4th Cavalry 252000 September 1967. lst 
Sqdn 4th Cav moved from Lai Khe under 3rd Bde control to secure 2 Fire Support Bases 
South of Ckon Thanh on Highway 13, assist in highway security for supply convoys, 
and conduct local S&D in sector in conjunction with operations West Of Highway 13 to 
find and destroy VC/NVA elements in sector.

	a. Reporting Officer:     John W. Seigle, LTC, Commanding

	b.	Task Organisations

                  A 2-2 Mech (--)			B 1-4 Cav (-)
                  3 C 1-4 Cav				3 A 2-2 Mech
                  2 MS Tm 1st Engr Bn		        Mort Plt A 2-2 Mech
                  1 Searchlight				2 MS Tm, 1st Engr Bn
							2 Searchlights

                  C 1-4 Cay (--)		        Arty
                  1 A 2-2 Mech				6-15 Arty (-) (DS)
                  2 MS Tm lst Engr Bn			B 6-15 Arty (105) (DS)
                  1 Searchlight				B 8-6 Arty (155) (DS)

                  Sqdn Control 
                  Sec 1st MP Bn
                  Tm B 121st Si8 (VHF)

4.	Intelligence.

	a.   There had been recent VC unit sightings in the area bounded by 
XT5032-XT5970 XT8370-XT8332. An evaluation of material on hand produced the following:
            Unit                                      Est Strength
        165th NVA Regt					1700
	271st VC Regt					1600
	Phu Loi Bn                                       450
	C64 Dau Tiengh Dist C                             80
	C45 Chon Thanh Dist Plt                           30	

	b.	It was found that during the course of the operation that elements of 
the 271st VC Regiment attacked the NDP of the 1-18 Inf and had in their ranks some 
personnel from the 272nd VC Regiment.

	c.	Terrain and Weather

		(1)	Cover is provided by terrain defilade, paddy dikes, rains in 
abandoned villa, and trees.

		(2)	Concealment is excellent In most areas because of Vegetation.

        	(3)	Obstacles exist in poorly drained areas and along streams. 
Roads in the area had been cut and cratered in various places, and were filled or 
bridged.  Dense vegetation and saturated soil was an obstacle to Cross country 

		(4)	Observation is dependent on vegetation and ranges from poor 
in jungle to excellent along roads and across rice paddies and clearings.

		(5)	Avenues of approach into the area are numerous. They consist 
mainly of a lateral network of roads.

	d.	Fortifications:

		 XT735522. L shaped position. Destroyed by explosives.

		 XT142521 3 bUnkers with overhead cover. Destroyed with explosives.

		 XT735526 3 fighting positions.  1 15 meter trench, 1 mortar 
                 position Destroyed with explosives.

		XT809544  Old base camp. 15-20 holes, 1 tunnel complex. Destroyed 
		by explosives.

5.	Mission:

lst Sqdn 4th Cav (-) with attachments secured 2 Fire Support bases south of Chon 
Thanh on Highway 13, assist in highway security for supply convoys, and conducts 
local S&D in sector in conjunction with operations west of Highway 13 to find and 
destroy VC/NVA elements in sector. Continue to provide 2 platoons to 3rd Bde at 
Lai Khe and Quan Loi.

6.	Concept of Operation.

1-4 Cavalry (-) (+) secures fire support/patrol bases as directed with C/1-4 Cav 
and A 2-2 inf at Caisson III South and B/1-4 Cav at Caisson II and Caisson IV and 
V. B/1-4 Cav secures FSPB in sequence Caisson II, Caisson IV and Caisson V. 1-4 
Cay (-) (+) conducts Search and Destroy operations daily and performs mission as 
directed by CO. 1st Bde, lst lnf Div.

7.	Executions

Operation Order received 25 September, Opord issued to units concerned at 252000) 
September 1967.

261200 Sept 67 HQ 1-4 Cav under 3rd Bde control moved Trp B(-) and 1-4 Cav HQ to 
Lai Khe.

260900 Sept 67 Trp C (-) 1-4 Cav TOC CP and A 2-2 Inf (-) moved from Lai Khe with 
A/8-6 Arty to secure Caisson III S.

291120 Sept 67 B 1-4 Cav (-) Clearing Highway 13 North from Caisson II located and 
destroyed 1 AT Mine vic XT785494.

300800 Sept 67 A 2-2 Inf (-) Conducted S&D operations east of Caisson III S - 
Negative result.

300800 Sept 67 C 1-4 Cav (-) Conducted S&D operations West or Caisson III S - 
Negative results

300830 Sept 67 MEDCAP Conducted XT780567

010800 Sept 67 B 1-4Cav  Clearing Highway 13 from Caisson II to Check Point 9 - 
Negative findings

010800 Oct C 1-4 Cav Sweep and Outpost Highway 13 from Dragoon bridge to
Caisson II.  Results:  2 20lb AT Mines destroyed XT794541, XT794539

011030 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf Dispatched to secure downed LOH at XT767650

020800 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf Conducted S&D vic CP 18

020800 B 1-4 Cav Conducted S&D Southeast of Caisson II

031136 Oct 67 C 1-4 Cav clearing Highway 13 South of Caisson III S,  located and 
destroyed 1 AT mine vic XT792537

032017 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf LP spotted movement at Caisson III S, and engaged with 
claymores and small arms with ukn results.

041150 Oct 67 FSPB Caisson IV opened at XT714542 by 2-2 Inf (-).

041830 Oct 67 B 1-4 (-) Cav closed Caisson II.

042245 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf AP received 1 grenade resulting in 1 US WIA

070935 Oct 67 B 1-4 Cav (-) located one buried NVA body approximately 1-3 months
old. No identification or papers found on body

101235 Oct 67 A 1-2 Inf found and destroyed 20 gals of oil at XT731520

101310 Oct 67 A 1-2 Inf at X1735522 located and destroyed one L shaped fighting 

101618 Oct A 1-2 Inf located and destroyed 3 bunkers with overhead cover at 

131100 Oct 67 B 1-4 Cav S&D located and destroyed 1 ox cart vic XT744530

131420 Oct 67 A 1-2 Inf S&D located and destroyed 20 gals oil, 3 fighting positions, 
2 sheets tin, 1 roll chicken wire, 1 15 meter trench and 1 mortar position at 

140800 Oct 67 MEDCAP conducted at Soui Than XT566783

161402 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf (-) located an old base camp, at coor XT809544 contained
15-20 holes and a tunnel complex. All were destroyed.

171228 Oct 67 2-28 Inf in heavy contact.  1-4 Cav Surgeon moved to 2-28 NDP

222126 Oct 67 Caisson V received small arms fire, fire returned with M-79

222130 Oct 67 5-15 personnel spotted on perimeter of Caisson V

222144 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf Caisson III S spotted 6 persons moving north and engaged 
with unk results

232000 Oct 67 B 1-4 Cav (-) at Caisson V received small arms fire. Negative damage 
or casualties

250820 Oct 67 A 2-2 Inf ACAV received minor damage and 2 US WIA when a man threw
a rock at an unusual object on the road.  Results: The unusua1 object was an AT 

271930 Oct 67 A 2-2 InF lp Caisson III S,  had 1 hand grenade thrown at their 
location with negative damage. 90mm cannister fired with unk result.

291045 Oct 67 B 1-4 Cav (-) S&D patrol located and destroyed 5 bunkers at XT720535

300910 Oct 67 C 1-4 Cav (-) clearing Highway 13 south Of Caisson III S located and 
destroyed a 40 lb AT mine at XT794540

311600 Oct 67 1-4 Cav (-) moves from Caisson III S to Caisson III N with B 1-4	Cav 

011302 Nov 67 B 1-4 Cav tank hit a mine vic XT790417 with minor injury

011430 Nov 67 B 1-4 Cav (-) located and destroyed AT mine at XT790417

090706 Nov 67 1/B/1-4 Cav (-) securing Highway 13 North of Chon Thanh received
1 RPG round. Fire returned with M60 MG with unk results

111250 Nov 67 3/B/1-4 Cav (-) received 1 RPG round at XT763646 which caused
negative damage. Fire returned with 90mm canister an 7.62 MG.   Unk results.

121100 Nov 67 3/B/1-4 Cav received 1 RPG vic XT763755 with negative damage.
Light Fire Team, artillery and airstrike brought in on area with ukn  results.

121315 Nov 67 A 2-2 Inf received 1 RPG round vic CP 18 with negative damage.
Fire returned with .50 cal And 7.62 MG
132121 Nov LP #3 at Caisson III North had incoming small arms fire resulting in 
1 US WIA.Fire returned with M60 MG and .50 cal

141735 Nov67 C 1-4Cav (-) had l ACAV hit a mine at LZ Mort. No injuries,
ACAV combat loss

151204 Nov 67 1-4 Cav (-) and B 1-4 Cav (-) moved from Caisson III North to
base camp at Phu Loi, RVN

8.	Supporting Forces: 1-4 Cav was supported by the same artillery that 
supported the 1st Brigade. No other significant support was utilized.

9.	Results:
		Friendly Personnel Losses:
			A 2-2 Inf 4 WIA
			B 1-4Cav 2 WIA
		Friendly equipment losses:
			B 1-4 Cav 2. M48A3 tank
			C 1-4 Cav Ml06 Mortar track

		Enemy Personnel Losses:  Unknown 

		Enemy Equipment and Material Losses:
			8 bunkers with overhead cover
			40 Gallons of oil
			4 Fighting positions
			2 Sheets of tin
			1 Roll chicken wire
			15 Meters of trench
			1 Mortar position
                        6 AT mines
                        2 Ox cart
			2 hand  grenades

10.	Administrative Matters 1-4 Cavalry administration was adequate throughout 
the operation. All resupply was effected utilizing an ALOC.

                                  /signed by
				LTC, Armor

After Action Report - AN MY - 12 Feb 68

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