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1/4 Cavalvry After Action Report - An My - 12 February 68

                                APO San Francisco 96345

AVDB-QH2							12 February 1968

SUBJECT:  After Action Report on An My 1 February - 2 February 1968

TO:	Commanding Officer
	2nd Bde, lst Infantry Division
	ATTN: S-2
	APO 96345

1.  General: On 1 February and 2 February 1968 elements of the 1st Squadron, 4th 
Cavalry were conducting S&D operations in conjunction with the 1-28 Infantry north 
of Phu Loi in the village of An My. B Trp (-) (-) of 1-4th Cavalry was attached to 
C/1-28 Infantry on the first day. On 2 February 1968 B Trp (-) (-) was attached to 
D/1-28 Infantry, 1/C/1-4 Cavalry was attached to A/1-28 Infantry, and C/1-4 Cavalry 
(-) (-) was attached to c/1-28 Infantry while 1-4 Cavalry assumed overall control, 
Captured equipment, POW' s and detainees were evacuated by lst Squadron, 4th Cavalry.

2.  Enemy Buildup: On 31 January 1968 there was little or no indication of the enemy 
buildup, identification, or size of enemy units in the Phu Loi area. Reports were 
received that VC forces were moving in the direction of Phu Loi. During the night 
of the 31st much movement was observed on the northern side of the Phu Loi perimeter 
although no contact was made,

3.  Enemy Contact: Contact was first made at 0950 hours on 1 February by C/1-28 
Infantry. Although action continued throughout the day, no identification of the 
enemy was made except that indications were that C65 unit was involved. A total of 
122 detainees were brought into Phu Loi for interrogation by the 5th ARVN Division 
interpreters without results. The aerial rifle platoon accounted for 52 detainees 
plus two apparent POW's. Three detainees plus documents captured by C/1-28 Infantry 
were evacuated that same night to 2d Bde S-2.

On 2 February 1968 contact was reestablished by A/1-28 Infantry at 1029 hours at 
XT832196 which continued throughout the day. Reports from initial interrogation 
indicated that elements of the Phu Loi Bn of 300 -350 VC were still in the village. 
During that day much enemy equipment was captured by 1-28 Infantry and evacuated to 
Phu Loi later in the evening. At least five POW's were evacuated directly to 2nd Bde. 
Another five were evacuated to Phu Loi were initial interrogation proved four 
individuals to be members of the 273rd VC Regt. All POW's were turned over to IPW in 
Phu Loi. Reports had been received that inhabitants of Tan Phuoc Kanh were leaving 
the village. A check point was set up and eight individuals were questioned. No 
results except that the VC were in the village.

                                 /signed by
                                Capt, Armor

Appendix 1 - Consolidation of Enemy and Friendly Casualties by 1-4th Cavalry (An My)

1 February 1968

1.	US  (1-4 Cav)        5 KIA     19 WIA

2.	VC - Although no body count was made, B(-) (-)/1-.4 Cavalry assualted enemy 
positions killing an estimated 150 VC until withdrawing to establish an LZ.

3.	The ARP D (Air) caused 3 KIA (BC) and 20 KIA (Poss), captured 52 detainees 
and 2 POW's.  One POW was proved to be friendly district Cadre.

4.	A total of 122 detainees were evacuated to Phu Loi and turned over to IPW 
Three detainees and captured documents were evacuated to 2nd Bde.

2 February 1968
	1.	US: 1-28 Infantry	2 KIA	12 WIA
		         1-4th Cavalry	1 KIA	1 WIA
		2-16 Infantry	10 KIA	3 WIA

	2.	VC: 1-28 Infantry 80	VC (BC)
		1-4th Cavalry	40	VC (BC)
		2-16 Infantry	12	VC (BC)

3.	A total of 10 POW's were captured. 4 were evacuated to hospital and/or 2nd 
Bde. Four POW's and one old woman were brought to Phu Loi. They were interrogated 
and turned over to IPW in Phu Loi. One POW died enroute to Phu Loi. Initial 
interrogation proved that one belonged to C16 and one to the 273 VC Regt. 
He reported that up to 200 of his comrades had been killed during 1 February 1968. 

Appendix 2 - List of Captured Enemy Equipment

1.	The list compiled indicates equipment that was turned in to S-2,
1-4 Cavalry. The equipment was picked up by 1-28 Infantry and turned over to
B Trp ACAVs for transportation back. Indications of discrepancies between
claims and turn-in of equipment resulted.

2.	The following items were reported by 1-28 Infantry to 1-4 Cavalry:

	A Company                  	        1 radio (type unknown)
						1 heavy MG
						1 Light MG
    						6  AK 47's
                                                   62 & 82mm mortar rounds 
                                                   numerous web gear  
                                                   MG ammo
   						   M-79	rounds

        C Company                               1 M-1 Carbine (not turned in)
                                                1 recoilless rifle (57mm) 
                                                  (not turned in)
                                                1 radio of unknown type 
                                                  (possibly switchboard)

3.  The following items were turned in to the S-2, 1-4 Cavalry:

                  2 RPG 2				2     Chicom gas masks
                  2 RPG 7		              200    Pounds rice
                  4 AK47's				3     Claymores
                  1 Chicom LMG				2     US water pumps
                  1 82mm mortar				1     Honda Motor Scooter
                  2 Chimcom HMG 12.7mm			2     Chemical detection kits
                    (1 minus barrel)			      tools, Shovels and Saw
                  1 Compass				      Clothing and packs for
                  1 RT 77/GRC9				      20 - 30 individuals
		  2 Empty LMG Mag			Uniforms-green, black, blue
		  2 Full LMG Mag			2000   Rounds Caliber .50
		  1 AA sight for HMG			3500   Rounds 7.62 (AK 47)
		  1 Chicom switchboard (JCX-1)	        Cooking utensils (pots)
		  1 Chicom telephone
		  2 First Aid kits
		  3 Bottles plasma
		  1 TA 312/PT telephone
		 10 Pounds of documents
		  1 Bag medical supplies
		 12 RPG-2 rounds
		  8 RPG-7 rounds
		  5 Chicom AT grenades
		 10 Chicom defen
                  6 82mm mortar rounds
		 20 Pounds or explosives
		 17 Electrical blasting caps
               1800 Meters electric cord


Appendix 3 - Enemy Evaluation

1.	Uniform: During initial contact the enemy wore khaki uniforms with pistol 
belt and packs. Later he wore dark green uniforms and sun helmets covered with 
plastic, and carried packs.

2.	Enemy Tactics: On 1 February 1968 the enemy was well entrenched in An My. 
He fought teraciously and withdrew slowly when assaulted . When US troops withdrew 
he advanced again.  Air strikes, conducted on 1 February, proved effective in 
bringing the enemy into the open.  Contact on 2 February was characterized by heavy 
sniper fire from houses and bunkers. Apparently the enemy had withdrawn partially 
during the night of 1 February.

3.	Enemy Characteristics and Equipment:  The enemy encountered in An My 
appeared to be well trained and coordinated.  He was well armed with automatic 
weapons, and had a large supply of RPG's. As signified from,the equipment captured, 
ammunition and weapons were almost new.  Each individual carried with him three to 
four days supply of rice and 200 - 300 rounds of ammunition.

AAR - Tan Hiep

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