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1ST Battalion, 18th Infantry After Action Report - Tan Hiep - 4 to 6 May 1968

                                 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                              1ST BATTALION, 18TH INFANTRY
                                 APO San Francisco 96345

								30 September 1968

SUBJECT: After Action Report

TO:     Commanding Officer
        1st Battalion, 18th Infantry
	  1st Infantry Division
	  APO San Francisco 96345

1.  NAME AND TYPE OF OPERATION:  Reconnaissance in force in Di An District
Vicinity of Tan Heip.

2.  DATES OF OPERATIONS: 4 May 1968 to 6 May 1968.

3.  LOCATION:  The location of the operations was vicinity of Tan Heip in 
Di An District.  The map sheets pertaining to this area are Vietnam, 1;25,000,
Sheets 6330 IVN and 6330 IN.

4.  COMMAND HEADQUARTERS:  2d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division.

5.  REPORTING OFFICER:  Maj Phillip McClure, S3, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry.


      a.  1st Battalion, 18th Infantry (-):  LTC George M. Tronsrue Jr, Commanding

          (1) Company A, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry: CPT Miguel A. Oetegui, commanding
          (2) Company B, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry: CPT John M. Graham, Commanding
          (3) Company D, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry:  CPT Hubert S. Shaw Jr., commanding
          (4) Headquarters and Headquarters Company (-), 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry      
          (5) Reconnaissance Platoon, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry.

     b.	A Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 4 May 1968.

     c.	Aerial Rifle Platoon, 7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry, 4 May 1968

     d.	1 Squad PRU's from Di An District Headquarters

     e.	Interrogators, 2d Brigade IPW Team. 


     a.	The following units provided artillery support for the operations. C Battery, 
        1st Battalion, 7th Artillery, and A Battery, 2d Battalion, 13th Artillery in 
        direct support. Both units provided outstanding support during the contact.

     b.	Helicopter support from the Brigade was provided for reconnaissance, resupply 
        And control.  Helicopter support from the Division was provided for Light Fire 
        Team fire support and medical evacuation.


     a.	Information sources:  2nd Brigade S2.

     b.	Enemy Forces:  Enemy forces located in the area were elements of the Dong Nai 
       Regiment, C100 of the 21st Independent Battalion, elements of the 5th NVA Division, 
       C25 Engineer Company (Independent), Di An District Forces.

     c.	Terrain:  Sparse trees, scrub grass, and gullys, built-up area, treelined canals, 
        rice paddies.

     d.	Weather:  Temperatures ranged from moderate to hot with, light rain and scattered 

9. MISSION:  1st Battalion, 18th Infantry acting as RIP ro 2d Brigade conducts local 
   patrols, ambushes, and reconnaissance in force operations in the area surrounding Di An 
   Base Camp to interdict VC movement and activities and check on reported enemy arms caches. 


     a.	1st Battalion, 18th Infantry conducted company size and platoon size ambushes 
        along likely avenues of approach, and extensive patrolling operations to interdict 
        VC movement. 
     b.	A Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry acted as a blocking force on 4 may 1968.

     c.	7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry.


     a.	General:  The three (3) day period was highlighted by the large contact on 4 May 
        1968.  5-6 May 1968 were largely sweeping operations in the area of 4 May 1968 

     b.	Operation and results of each day:

4 May 1968:  D/1/18 conducted an RIF northeast of Di An Base Camp.  At 0945 hrs D company 
             came under intense enemy fire at coordinates XT919104.  At 1007 hrs Recon 
             Platoon/1/18 married up with 1 platoon from A/1/18 and then moved to reinforce 
             D/1/18.  At 1120 hrs A/1/18 and the remainder of A/1/4 moved to reinforce 
             D/1/18.  At 1220 hrs B/1/18 moved to reinforce.  The days operatins were 
             conducted by 1/18(-) with A/1/4 attached.  A/1/18 was placed OPCON to � Cav 
             (-) and swept area to the south of the contact, with only light contact.  
             D/1/18, B/1/18, and Recon Platoon/1/18 swept the contact area to the north 
             with continuous enemy contact throughout the day.  Contact was broken at 
             approximately 2100 hrs.  See Incl (1) and two (2).  Result of days operation 
             were 6 U.S. KIA and 23 U.S> WIA, enemy losses 109 VC (BC) and 5 PW's turned 
             over to Dagger S2.  Enemy equipment found by 1/18(-) were 16 AK 47's, 6 AK 
             50's, 1 AK 54 pistol, 1 cal 30 M2 Carbine, 4 RPG 7's, 4 RPG 2's, 4 RPG 7 
             rounds with charges, 10 chicomconcusion grenades, 12 chicom anti-tank 
             grenades, 500 rounds AK ammo, 1 mortar site and aiming circle, and various 
             web gear.

5 May 1968: B/1/18 with Recon/1/18 and Devistate A conducted RIF in area of 4 May 1968 
            contact (XT9210.  One Platoon A/1/18 was attached to � Cav.  At 1202 hrs, 
            coord XT918109, B/1/18 captured one VC Suspect.  At 1304 hrs coord XT919108 
            B/1/18 killed 1 VC unarmed.  At 1435 hrs coord XT919109 B/1/18 captured 1 VC 
            armed with US .45 cal pistol.  At XT920110 B/1/18 found 10 VC (BC) not 
            previously counted from 4 May 1968 contact.  The following equipment was 
            found throughout the day, 5 AK 47's, 1 chicom SKS carbine, 1 US .45 cal 
            pistol, 41 chicom grenades, 350 rounds AK 47 ammo, 1 9mm chicom pistol, 
            400 rounds 9mm pistol ammo, 1 flashlight, 31 RPG 7 rounds, 5 bangalore  
            torpedos, 2 RPG 7 launchers, 1 steel helmet.  A/1/18 had company size night 
            ambush and D/1/18 had platoon size night ambush.

6 May 1968:  D/1/18 with Recon/1/18 attached conducted RIF operations in vicinity of 
             4 May 1968 contact (XT9210).  1 platoon A/1/18 and 1 platoon B/1/18 attached 
             to � Cav for RIF, OPCON to � Cav B/1/18 found 1 RPF 2 launcher, 2 AK 50, 
             1 AK 47, 1 NVA gas masks, 7 RPG 2 rounds, 1 RPG 7 round, 8 82mm rounds, 
             6 anti-tank grenades, 9 RPG 2 boosters, 6 82mm fuses, 2 cans 82mm charges, 
             1 82mm swab, 2 homemade aiming stakes, 1 unknown type night lighting device, 
             1 first aid bag with misc items, 99 rounds AK 47 ammo, 1 hammock, 2 packs, 
             1 AK 47 ammo belt, 1 lb documents, 2 chicom grenades, 5 VC (BC) not 
             previously counted from 4 may 1968 contact, 1 pinapple grenade.  B/1/18 
             positioned company size night ambush, vicinity XT 884077.  At 2015 hrs 
             B/1/18 blew ambush on 1 VC with result 1 VC (BC).


		(1)	Friendly losses:  KHA - 6 (1/18)

					  WHA - 23 (1/18)

		(2)  Enemy losses:     	  KIA (BC) - 126 (10-1/4 Cav)

					  POW - 6

							VC Suspect - 1

		(3)	 Weapons:   	AK-47 - 22
                                    	AK-50 - 7
				    	AK-54 Pistol - 1
				    	Cal 30 M2 carbine - 1
			           	RPG 7's - 6
				   	RPG 2's - 7
					RPG 7 rounds - 36
					RPG 2 rounds - 37
					RPG boosters - 59
					Concussion grenades - 10
					Fragmentaton Grenades - 15
					Anti-tank grenades -18
					Pineapple grenades -1
					AK-47 ammo rounds - 944
					Mortar sight and aiming circle - 1
					US .45 cal pistol - 1
					Chicom SKS carbine - 1
					9mm chicom pistol - 1
					9mm pistol ammo rounds - 400
					Bangalore torpedos -1
					82mm rounds - 8
					cans 82mm charges - 2
					82mm swab - 1
					aiming stakes (homemade) -2
		(4) Materials:    	Steel helmet - 1
					Flashlight - 1
					NVA gas masks -2
					Night lighting devices -1
					First aid bag -1
					Hammock - 1
					Packs -2
					AK-47 ammo belt -1
					Documents - 1 lb

		(5)  Food:		Cooked rice - 2 lb

(Inclosure to After Action Report0
Battle of Tan Heip - 4 May 68

1.  Delta contact - heavily engaged:  eventually pulled back to (2) while air (heavy 
    fire teams) and artillery completed striking area of contact; reinforced by the
    Recon Platoon, 1/18th Inf before pulling back boundary between 1/18 and � Cav(-) 
    effective after Delta had moved to (2); A 1-18 Inf same time.  Elements of � Cav 
    under OPCON 1-18th Inf occupied high ground, blocking all escape to north by fire. 
    Elements of 7/1 Cav screened area between their 2 points (1) to the east continuously.

2.  Delta blocking position.

3.  B 1-18th Inf and A � Cav (-) attacked east abreast to reach positions shown. Both 
    elements in contact with Viet Cong upon reaching points about 100 meters west of 
    positions shown at (3); A � mopped up and supported by fire as B 1-18th Inf prepared 
    to continue attack. 

4.  B 1/18th Inf continued attack to east; D 1-18th Inf reinforced by Recon Platoon 
    1-18th Inf moved on line and attacked east abreast of B 1-18th Inf through main 
    area of contact.  Large portions of enemy had withdrawn to north and northwest.  
    B 1-18th Inf hit most of those withdrawing to north while D 1-18th Inf mopped up 
    vicinity (4).

5.  Having reached open rice paddies, B 1-18th Inf was turned north to continue attack 
    through built up area to northern tree lines within Tan Hiep area; meeting groups 
    of Viet Cong all along route. 

6.  D 1-18th Inf and Recon 1-18th attacked east along two parallel tree lines bordering 
    canals filled with water and with large numbers of Viet Cong who had moved northeast 
    from area of contact, meeting at (7) and completing the annihilation of those Viet 
    Cong.  PW were captured between (6) and (7).

8.  About 10 Viet Cong attempted to run through open rice paddies, hiding behind dikes 
    between rushes.  D 1-18 killed these, with fire support from 7/1 Cav and 2nd Bde LOH. 
    (Cdr 1-18)

9.  Killing numerous Viet Cong enroute and capturing PW just north of (5), B 1-18th 
    established blocking position here w/one platoon, then began searching tree lines 
    and draws to the west as elements of A � Cav completed thickening of western blocking 
    force by moving to (10). 

11N and 11S.  Ground elements of 7-1 Cav landed at these two points to block Viet Cong 
    escape along  these tree-lined canals.  Force at (11N) moved south toward B 1-18th 
    platoon blocking position at (9).  Halted by Viet Cong fire before they could turn 
    west, they blocked while the B-1-18th Inf platoon attacked east to the sharp bend 
    in the canal and treeline. 

12. B 1-18th Inf encountered several small groups of Viet Cong; annihilated all by 
    squad-size fire and maneuver. 

13. After Clearing the two parallel treelines meeting at (7) and completing the action 
    at (8), D 1-18th w/Recon 1-18th returned to highway at (13)

14.  Upon completion of platoon-size attack to east and mopped-up vicinity (12), 
     B 1-18th Inf returned to highway 2T 14. 

Incl 1
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