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Bill Haponski is recommeding the following book as good reading. The Advisor, by John Cook. This is the best-written, most insightful book of any type I have read on Vietnam. It describes the heroic actions of the most respected district chief in Vietnam, Major Nguyen Minh Chau, of Di An District, Bien Hoa Province and his district forces and team of advisors. It includes some actions involving 1/4 Cav troopers and other 1st Division soldiers from 1968 -1970, and provides insights to the day-in, day-out business of Vietnamization and pacification in Di An District. You will recognize some of the hamlets and villages described and maybe some of the actions. When I knew 1st Lieutenant Cook he was district intelligence advisor; later he was senior advisor. Colonel Cook's book is a must-read for any Vietnam veteran or serious student of the war. I haven't yet read his later book, Rescue Under Fire, The Story of Dust Off in Vietnam, but believe it will also be excellent. Both books are available from the publisher, Schiffer Books (Advisor -- $35, Rescue -- $24.95) at Schifferbk@aol.com, phone 610 593-1777.

The Man Who Won the War

by Col Tom Fife Dec 67 - Dec 68

My Tour of Duty - BIO

by Col Bill Haponski Jan - Jul 69

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