1st RECON, 1st INF DIV - REPORT ON ACTION - 19 JAN to MAR 4, 1943 (Copied from Original)

Subject: Report of Battle

TO: Commanding General, 1st Infantry Division, U.S. Army

	1.	The following is a report of action for the first Reconnaissance
Troop from January 19, 1943, thru March 4, 1943:

January 19- At 2020 Troop left Heliopolis under orders from the 26th Infantry.

January 20- Lt. Peek with 1 section of the Second Platoon, on mission with
            The Raff Force in the Gafsa area. Lt. Lenard with the Third 
            Platoon reported to II Army Corps Hq. at Tebessa at 1200. Remainder 
            of Troop arrived at S�beitla at 1430.

January 21- Troop Hq.,First Platoon and one section of the Second Platoon left
            S�Beitla at 1430.

January 22- Arrived at Sidi-Bou-Zid at 0100. Routine Recon of Sidi-Bou-Zid area.

January 23- Left Sidi-Bou-Zid at 2045.

January 24- Arrived Ten miles East of Maktar at O600.

January 25- Troop moved to 5 1/2 miles East of Ousseltia at 0330. Lt. Skogsberg
	    with First Platoon made Recon on road to the west of Dj Ebil. No
	    enemy reported, Lt. Peek with 2nd Platoon returned to Troop, from
            Gafsa area. Lost one Scout Car while on operations at Sened. No
	    one was injured.

January 26- S/Sgt Watts with 4 jeeps had patrols on road to the west of Dj Ebil.

January 27- Mission the same as January 26th. Lost one 3/4 Ton Truck by enemy
            aircraft strafing. No one injured.

January 28- Same Mission as January 26th. Enemy Artillery Fire on Troop bivouac

January 29- Same as January 28th, with enemy Artillery Still firing on Troop
            Bivouac Area.
January 30- Troop reverted to Division Control. Heavy enemy Artillery Fire on
            Troop Bivouac Area.

January 31- Moved Bivouac at 1800 hrs to el Maoera, North of Ousseltia Valley.

February 1- Routine Recon in Ousseltia valley. One Scout Car on 1iason with British
	    at Roblla.
February 2- Thru. Feb. 5th Same as February 1st.

February 6- Lt. Skogsbert with First of the First Platoon, was trapped by Italian 
            machine gun and mortar fire while on Recon in vicinity of St, Abd el 
            Djedidi. Lt. Skogsberg was wounded and 6 men were captured. One 3/4 ton
            Truck and three jeeps were lost.
February 7- Routine Recon in Osseltia Valley and Liason with British at Reblla.

February 8- Thru February 14th Same as February 7th.

February 15- Lt. Lenard with Third Platoon returned from II Army Carps Hq.

February 16- Same as February 7th.

February 17- At 1900 Troop patroled Osseltia Valley to secure the withdrawal of
             Division Troops. 

February 18- At 1300	p moved to Hamadet el Kassera.

February 19- At 0800 Troop moved to bivouac west of Dj Dernaia.

February 20- Lt. Crumpton with First Platoon made Recon to Dj. Krechem el Kele.

February 21- First and Second Platoons made Recon - Routine.		

February 22- At 1900 Troop moved to Dj Bou Djellal

February 23- Routine Recon Patrols to Dj Goubeul and Dj Douria. Liason with 3rd
             Bn 26th Infantry, and British Yoemanry.

February 24- Thru February 26th Same as 23rd.

February 27- At 1400 Moved to bivouac west of Dj Dernaia.	

February 28- No Action.

March 1- Lt Crampton with 1st. Platoon on road and mine Recon in Vicinity of S�beibla

March 2- At l800 Troop less First Platoon moved to Boa Eadra. 

March 3- Sgt Koch, First Platoon wounded by "Bounding Baby" mine at S�beibla.

March 4- First Platoon returned to Troop at Bou Kadra.

SIGNED/THURBER C. RAYMOND/lLT/lst Recon Troop/Commanding

Report of Action - Mar 4 to Mar 24, 1943

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