1st RECON, 1st INF DIV - REPORT ON ACTION - Mar 4 to Mar 21,1943 (Copied from Original)

Subject: Report on Action

TO: Commanding General, 1st Infantry Division, U.S. Army

1.  In compliance with Field Message dated 8 April 1943; the following
    report is submitted.

March 4 -  Rest Camp at Dj bou kadra.

March 5    "	"    " "   "   "	

March 6    "    "    " "   "   "	

March 7    "    "    " "   "   "

March 8 -  Third platoon attached to 1st Engineer Bn., for mine and Road
           Recon, south of Feriana, on road to Gafsa.

March 9 -  Third platoon continued with 1st Engineer Bn. One 3/4 ton Truck
       	   destroyed by mine, no one seriously injured.

March 10 - Third platoon continued with 1st Engineer Bn. One Section of the
           Second Platoon on road Ron from Feriana, Moulares, and Redovef.

March 11 - One platoon with 1st Engineer Bn. One jeep strafed by enemy aircraft, 
           no one injured.

March 12 - One platoon with 1st Engineer Bn. ,One jeep strafed by enemy aircraft, 
           Two men slightly wounded.

March 13 - One Platoon with 1st Engineer Bn., road Recon by Platoon to the N.E.
           to Kasserine.

March 14 - One platoon with 1st Engineer Bn., on road and mine Recon.

March 15 - One platoon with 1st Engineer Bn.; Lt. Reich with one Scout Car
           on liason with the 1st Armd Division.

March 16 - Lt. Lenard�s Section with 1st Engineer Bn., chased by three enemy
           tanks, four miles North of Gafsa. at 1200 hrs. Troop moved to
           Donkane Chenoufia; East of Moulares, at 2200 hrs. Second and Third
           platoon secured 3rd Bn 26th Inf detrucking point in the pass between
           Kef de Dekouane and Dj es Slats.

March 17 - Third platoon Recon to Medilla. Second platoon Ron to Gafsa. Slow
           movement due to mines. Troop moved to Pissene.

March 18 - Third Platoon layed road block at Chebket ed Douaouir. Second Platoon
           attempted Recon to El Guettar but bogged down due to heavy rains. 

March 19 - Third Platoon fired upon by enemy artillery in Asken Valley.

March 20 - Third platoon at Dj el Mdilla. Sgt Watt�s section on liason to
           French at Metouli and Tozeur. Lt Reich with Scout Car return from
           liason with 1st Armd. Division, at 1900 hrs. First and Second Plat-
           con and with Forward Echelon moved to join third platoon at Dj el Mdilla.

March 21 - First and Second platoon deployed, move East in Asker valley from
           Maatallah at 0645, followed by French with Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and
           Artillery. Fired upon by two batterys of 77MM artillery and one
           battery of 105MM and one company of infantry. All vehicles had to
           return to cover.

Roster of known Living Veterans, 1st Recon Troop

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