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Sometime around Thanksgiving, 1967 Officers from the 1/4 Cav were enjoying themselves at the Old French Villa located in the old plantation at Lai Khe. After a fine meal had been had by all present, the bar was open and light conversation turned to women, when they may be found and the possibilities of their joining the festivities. Being Officers, the O'club was suggested and noted. Another more promising suggestion was the Officer's Pool. Someone remarked that in fact earlier in the day, he had observed several Women Officers and Candy Stripers in the company of several 1st Infantry Division Officers. A plan of action was suggested that the radio equipment from the jeeps be removed and bar was moved to the jeeps. In idle conversation it had been suggested that a certain officer had received in his accomodations a new piano that perhaps could be borrowed and used as part of their festivities. It was found that the Officers Villa was unoccupied and Piano removed and placed on the hood of the jeep in lead complete with stool and piano player. Our CO made sure that there were plenty of people around the piano to preven any damage in transit to the Officers Club. The merry band first arrived at the Officers Club and finding no one there decided to try the Officers Pool. Since it is now evening the pool was vacant and the party decided to return the piano to the Villa. Upon arrival, the merriment continued up and into the Villa. There was a hush, the piano stopped, the singing stopped. I suggested to the Sergeant who was in control of the refreshments that perhaps we should peek around and see what was going on. We slipped inside the Villa French Doors and hid behind the curtain, observed a General Staff Officer addressing our CO's entourage and he felt the removal of his piano was disrespectful. After this dressing down, our CO ordered a LT to remove our Unit Plaque from the Villa wall. That Officer immediately jumped on the desk and ripped it from the wall and presented it to our CO. He then dismissed his troops. The party continued. I'm hoping that the Sergeant will read this story and contact me. I was the other one behind the curtain.

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