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as told by Bill Baty who has the utmost respect for

1SG Pepe, but could'nt resist the temptation to "tell this story"

The story of the first Battle of Bau Bang would not be complete without including the involvement of A Troop's First Sergeant Pepe. When we left on the Highway 13 clearing mission, 1SG Pepe was laid up in the dispensary at Lai Khe with an injured knee. He had the motor sergeant set up a radio for him by his bedside so he could keep abreast of what was happening with the Troop. We lost our Company Commander, CPT Hubbard the day before the battle to a bobby trap and that left 3 very young inexperienced 2LT's running the company. When the battle got into full heat, it was to much for Pepe to take. He ran out of the dispensary, commandeered a jeep and driver and headed up Highway 13 at top speed. Now you might ask why he wasn't killed or even shot at during this drive. He had to have driven through the VC lines coming from the south. Well...you had to be there. Pepe arrived at the battlesite in full web gear, boots, Steel Pot and M-14......and little else. He left the dispensary in such a hurry he forgot to put on his fatigues. (He did have his shorts on) NOW, if you had been a VC, and picture this in your mind, seen this American jeep driving through your position with someone half naked sitting in it, would you have been able to shot him?

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