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William John - Memories of my tour - Oct 67 to Oct 68

When I arrived in country, I was assigned to the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, Headquarters troop in Phu Loi, My MOS was 63C20, (wheel and track Mechanic) I'm not sure what month it was, but it was the latter part of 1967, Gen. Westmoreland came down to present the 1/4th Cav a Presidential Unit Citation, during the presentation, all of the Quarterhorse troops were present, I hope some of you remember the YELLOW French Armored Car, on the parade field, I never took a picture of it in all it's glory, because I was in formation, but I do have a picture of it when it was brought in from the field, I forget which troop recovered it, anyway, someone had an Idea, to get it running, and the task was left to Mechanics Laine and Rodger Jones, they took a engine from a Jeep, and installed it on the armor car, and they painted it Yellow, with the 1/4 Cav. crest on the gun turrent, where they had an M-60 mounted, That Armored car was running in record time. Those guys should have gotten a medal. If anyone remembers this car and have photos of it please post it.

This is the Armored Car before we fixed it up

There were 4 other Pineapples in the unit, Danny Kekahuna of D troop (ARPs), Price of D troop maint. and Bert Kobayashi of B troop (tailgunner), and Jackie Shimizu of Hq. S-1 he was a forward observer. During my last 4 months in Nam, I was assigned to B troop to replace track Mech Mills who was short he took care of the M-48's and I took care of the Acav's. My track was Bravo 10, Kobayashi was with me until he got wounded, and was shipped out to Camp Zama, Japan. During my stay with Bravo troop we traveled Hwy 13 doing security and convoy duty. later we went up north to An loc, Loc Nin, and Quan loi, we even ended up in Cambodia, chasing a battalion of NVA regulars, we finally caught up with them back in vietnam, and kicked their ass'es, when I left the field, the 4th Cav was moved to Di an, and the 82nd Airborne took over our basecamp in Phu Loi. If any of you recognize any of the pictures or the story, please let me know.

I remain "Prepared and Loyal"

William RH John Sr.

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