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MY TOUR IN VIETNAM - July to August 1969

as related by Dan Moore

I had a short tour in Nam. I arrived on 15 Jul, 1969 and was wounded on 18 Aug, 1969 by a rocket at Quan Loi base camp. I was sent home after the hospital at Cam Ranh Bay was attacked with satchels. Nearly half the hospital was destroyed I was told. Anyway, I think the Army just ran out of beds and sent us home.
I was trained to drive the OJT way-I was 11 Bravo. We got another new guy, Butch (?) who then drove A63. I was then promoted to gunner and when Lucas was hit on Aug 12, I kinda just became the TC!
I loved reading the discription of the battle at Quan Loi on your site. Great work getting that. I disagree with some of the results. I remember being awakened at 12am to go support the troops at the battle site. It's also clear in my mind that we had 18 wounded and one killed. Maybe there were six that weren't med-evaced out to get to the 12 noted in the story. I also clearly remember hitting three mines in the following week. The rocket hit us while our cooks were preparing a hot lunch for us. I was asleep in the shade of the track next to us. I had my big toe nicked and the second toe shot off. Butch was hit in the shoulder. Everyone on A63 was wounded except Doc Witwicki thankfully for everyone left to fight the fight.
Thanks so much for doing the work to organize, and I am proud to be a member. Dan Moore

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