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Battle of Bong Trang - 25 AUG 1966

As remembered by Lew Graff - 1/2th Inf Bde who later served 2 tours with the 1/4th Cav

Prior to joining "C" Troop, 1/4th Cav, I was with the 26th Inf Scout Platoon from May 1966 until Dec 1966.

We were right in the middle of that contact. The VC unit was the "Phu Loi" Bn.. It had quit a reputation as hard hitters. At that time the Scout Plt had set up a defense for the 26th Inf CP group consisting of LTC Paul Gorman, a LNO, and 2 radio operators and me filling in as needed. It was a real touch and go situation for awhile. Contact was heavy and the bullets were flying. Overall, that was probably the longest sustained contact that I experienced in Vietnam. We came in early AM on the 25th and it seemed like we were under almost constant fire for the rest of the day and most of the night. I don't remember what our casualties were but we had one radio operator, SP/4 Smith, KIA'ed and several WIA's from the Scout Platoon. I have no idea of how many casualties the rest of the battalion had.

We were pulled out, I think, late on the 26th. Was given a ride out by the, you guessed it, the "Quarterhorse." I can't remember what troop. I'll tell you, at night the sound of the track mounted 50's sure was a comfort. Old Charlie sure had to keep his head down. The presence of the "Quarterhorse" was instrumental in our winning that fight in such a comparative short time.

Col Gorman, later Gen Gorman (4 stars) was awarded the DSC for his part of the battle. He was one man that really earned that medal. He was cool and, as much as possible, had complete control. He actually acted as the battle coordinator and the force commander. As they use to say, "Hell of a good man to ride the river with."

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