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I am first of all, let me say very proud to have served not only in the "Big Red One" But with the backbone of the division in the 1/4 Cav. No one will ever take that away from me nor make me feel ashamed of that great distinction again.

But my reason for adding this comment is to say that all of my life I heard how my Uncle Virgil was at Pearl Harbor, actually Schofield Barracks, when it was attacked by the japanese in 41. What I never knew before up until about 10 years ago, was that this same uncle was stationed at Ft. Meade S. D. before being sent to Hawaii. After talking to him one on one, I found out that he was assigned to the 1st Sqdn, 4th Cavalry at Ft. Meade, when they still had Mules and horses as there equiptment. His story and mine of the same unit was somewhat different, but I never knew until then that I was carrying on a family tradition, by serving in the 1/4 Cav in Nam. This was my Dad's brother, who have both passed on now. But I just wish I'd have known more about my uncles military history while I was in the Cav instead of so much about the Surviving Pearl Harbor. Not that that in itself is not something to crow about, but I thought I might offer this bit of my family history to anyone who might be interested. If you check out the Cav's history, they stayed at Ft. Meade, S.D. for some time. Sincerely Ken Andrews, 1st Platoon, Charlie Troop, 67-68

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