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Pre/Post Tet68 by Ken Andrews

I find it interesting to read the letters and posts from members of the "Quarterhorse" during the period after the 1968 "Tet Offensive" to the return to Ft. Riley. Prior to Tet 68 we still had Mogas tracks when I first arrived there in June of 67. About July we turned in the Mogas 113's for Diesels. Although I was a tanker at that time and on a tank the tank's log book went back to Ft. Riley, Ks. It came over with the Division. It was later replaced as a combat loss sometime later in the year, At Claymore Corners.

The attitude of the whole war was different then. We knew we weren't going to win, but there was still the spirit that the United States dosen't lose wars, the history books bore us out, I think we all figured at that point that the end result would be something close to Korea, We'd have peace down south as long as we kept troops there.

By the end of 1967 it really looked like we were making progress. January was relatively quiet and they told us that since the North honored our cease fire at Christmas, we would honor theirs for the Lunar new Year, Starting Jan 31st. I sat behind an unloaded 50 cal for my time on guard and had been asleep for what seemed like about 15 minutes after my shift, but found out later it was about an hour and a half, and they woke me up for stand to because the American Embassy had been overran in Saigon and they might have to move us as part of the ready reaction force, to stop what was an obvious enemy push. I should add that we were operating in the Iron Triangle at the time. We were standing by to go somewhere, down unswept roads to God only knows what. There was no let up for the rest of the time In-Country, It's like someone had finally told our Gov't that there was a war going on here and we were actually allowed to go in and do battle in the towns and fight the war like I always pictured war to be. The Refugees would be walking down hwy 13 or where ever we were operating and we'd be going in to the village that they were evacuating, to retake it from the N.V.A.

I lasted for 9 days of what I found out during the offensive, that we were fighting the "Tet Offensive". The War and the world were never the same after that. We knew we'd been had, our innocence lost, Our Cherry was gone.

I went through the hospital system and was returned to duty at Ft. Riley. Ks in 68 with 23 months left in the service, with the 24th Inf Div, because I had re-up'd in Germany to go to Viet-Nam. Not one of my brightest Ideas. At any rate when I became a short timer at Fort Riley, the "BIG RED ONE" came home from Nam, and I wound up ETSing from the 1/63 Armor in 1970. Actually all that happened was the colors came home and we just changed shoulder patches. But it was quite an honor to wear the "BIG RED ONE" on both shoulders.

I didn't mean to write a book, but these are just a few observations this Ole' Cav Soldier has made in the course of a war that should never involved us, in the first place. I remain, "Prepared & Loyal"

SP/4 Ken Andrews (Andy)

C Troop, 1st Platoon

6-67 til 2-68

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