We have developed this webpage for all past and present Troopers of the "Quarterhorse" to send photos in to be posted on. Photos of yourself, friends, unit areas, missions photos and photos of unit historical value are needed to help "tell our story". For those of you who have photos of someone whose name you can't remember, send it in for the "unknown" site and perhaps someone will remember them. Another idea is to send in a photo of yourself taken during the time your were assigned to your troop, and another one taken in recent years. This will hopefully preclude anyone from going into shock or cronic hysterical laughing when they finally meet up with a comrade they haven't seen in over 30 years. Yes we do change, some of us more than others. So send away!! Send all digital photos via e-mail to the WebMaster, (see below). If you don't have a means of scanning your photo, send them to me via regular mail (e-mail me for the address). I will return photos if you ask me to do so.

Headquarters Troop Photos

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D Troop Photos

C/16 Troop Photos

Photos that need a name or Troop

Ariel Photo of Phu Loi taken in 1967

Please note that this site is under ongoing construction! It will change, grow, and (hopefully) improve over the coming weeks and months.

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