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Fred Westbrook and friend,

(By process of elimination, this must be the monkey who was given an Article 15 and transferred to C Troop. bb)

This photo was sent in by Larry Laney, HHT/C Trp, 65-66. It shows Larry and several other 1/4th Cav Troopers who were members of the 5th Army Pistol and Rifle Team before being sent to Vietnam.(bb)

Bill,here is the picture of the AMU,several of these men went to the 4th Cav, part of the team was MACV then went to the Cav after first assignments.

Front row l-r: Pott, JL - White - Dressler (KIA VN, C Trp) - Drappier - Messersmith - Lazzo - Killion

Second row l-r:SGT Weems, SSG Cowan - Shoomack - Scrivani - Herrara -Thompkins- Vicent - Reali - Romesburg.

Third row l-r:Bush - Lompis ? - Unknown - Larry Laney - Unknown - Copeland - Miles

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