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The first Michigan Flag to fly over Vietnam was at Phu-Loi which was sent by Governor George Romney to SP5 William Kampfert of A Troop, 1/4th Cavalry. While on duty there, he wrote to Governor Romney requesting the Flag. It was mounted behind William's tent flying day and night and he told the troop that as long as the flag was flying he would be there, and when the flag was gone, so would he. Displaying the flag from left to right standing are, William Kampfert, Robert Dell, Gary Warne and Gene Hatfield. The troopers squating are Lemont Burgess and Jim Dempsey. All are from the proud state of Michigan. This photo was taken around April 1966 and submitted by Bill Kampfert.

SSG Dupere was the Motor Sergeant for A Troop in 1965. He was KIA at the Battle of Bau Bang, 12 Nov 65. The above press articles were provided by his son Michael Dupere.

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