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CPT Robert Visscher, CO B Troop 65-66.................SSG Smaltz and 1SG Moniz, B Troop 65-66

CPT Harold Wilkins (Folding Scarf) preparing to Welcome a couple "Honorary Troopers" into B Troop.....This photo of the B Troop Area Sign was sent in by John Sandri and he's wondering where the motto "Sitting on Ready" came from. It was still in use in 1969.

Larry Hawkins has shed some more light on the Yellow Scarfs worn by B Troop during 1967. I Can't wait to hear why they stopped wearing them.

We (the grunts 1st Platoon) just had them made. Sometime in late 67 we came up with the idea that we are Cavalry; the original Indian fighting Cavalry wore yellow scarf's so why shouldn't we. We were proud and wanted to let everyone know who we were. Looking back, at the time, they were a great moral booster. The Phu Loi base laundry made them I can remember placing the order and explaining what we wanted. We conceived and designed them as refreshments were passed around the hooch. The thing being was the Airborne bloused their boots, the Green Beret had cute little hats, so we The Cavalry should have something to set us apart. No one ordered us to wear them or objected to us wearing them, not even General Westmoreland. I still have an original in perfect shape. There is a bit more as to why we quit wearing them, but I don't want to go there right now.
Larry Hawkins

Jim Pitts

Jay Ward

Ron Selbe

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