1st Recon Troop TAPS - WWII

1st Recon Troop TAPS - WWII

This page contains a listing of those who were members of the 1st Recon Troop, 1st Infantry Division, who gave their life in the service of their country. The information on this page is not guaranteed to be complete. If you know of any additions or corrections, please contact us. If you have a story or memory about any of the men listed here, please contact us. We will be happy to add your comments to this page.

We offer this page in solemn tribute to those Troopers of the 1st Recon Troop for their dedicated service and to serve in keeping their memories and deeds alive. These men live on in the hearts and memories of their friends and families.

Day is done...Gone the Sun...From the Lakes, From the Hills, From the Sky...
All is well...safely rest...God is Nigh.
Fading light...Dims the sight...and a star, Gems the sky, Gleaming Bright...
From afar...Drawing nigh...Falls the night...
Thanks and praise...For our Days...neath the sun, neath the stars, neath the sky...
As we go...This we Know...God is Nigh.


PVT Frank R. Hlavka died: 8-8-44, Plot 1 - Row 6 - Grave Number 3


MAJ Francis w. Adams died: 11-05-44, Plot B - Row 03 - Grave Number 11
T4 Donald I. Beales died: 02-12-45, Plot C - Row 16 - Grave Number 25
T5 Maurice F. Bohrer died: 03-01-45, Plot C - Row 11 - Grave Number 31
CPL John F. Goodwin died: 03-02-45, Plot B - Row 02 - Grave Number 27
T5 Harold G. Lafferty died: 09-10-44, Plot H - Row 14 - Grave Number 59
T5 J.M. Lindsey died: 03-22-45, Plot D - Row 15 - Grave Number 31
T5 Herman R. Peterson died: 11-26-44, Plot B - Row 03 - Grave Number 52
SGT James W. Pratt died: 11-26-44, Plot C - Row 03 - Grave Number 34
T4 William M. Tatom died: 03-01-45, Plot A - Row 09 - Grave Number 29


CPL Aurelio Mucci died: 04-07-43, Plot F - Row 17 - Grave Number 14
PVT Alfredo Sanchez died: 05-26-43, Plot H - Row 16 - Grave Number 10
PVT Fielipe R.Trevino died: 04-07-43, Plot F - Row 20 - Grave Number 04


1LT Elmer R. Crumpton died: 04-02-45, Plot M - Row 01 - Grave Number 15


PVT Robert H. Wood died: 07-24-43, Plot D - Row 08 - Grave Number 25


PVT Ralph B. Bierman died 12-02-45, Illinois
PVT Gordon E. Covell died 11-08-44, New Hampshire
T/4 John J. Danahy died 10-44, Massachusetts
PFC Horace A. Gray died 08-43, Tennessee
PFC Arthur C. Hallickson died 01-04-45, Ft. Snelling NCM, Minnesota
T/5 Robert L. Hoover died 02-03-45, USA-Ukn
PVT William F. Howley died Ukn, Pennsylvania
CPL John H. LaVigne died 06-18-44, Massachusetts
T/5 John M. O'Briant died 05-09-44, North Carolina
1LT Thurber C. Raymond died 10-09-44, Connecticut
T/5 Hilbert J. Schmitz died 11-16-44, burial Iowa
PVT Harry J. Sullenberger died 1943, burial Pennsylvania

The following Troopers were reported as KIA but their burial site has never been determined

SGT (?) Guter MIA in Sicily 07-24-43


MSG Richard Beard - 75th Tank Batt, 1st Cav Div - awarded DSC, SS, PH

A salute and thank you to George Koch for provideing information about 1st Recon Troop.

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