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Valorous Unit Award to A Troop, 1/4 Cav

                           (Extract, DAGO 20, 25 Apr 67)

II...VALOROUS UNIT AWARD. 1. By direction of the Secretary of the Army. under 
the provisions of paragraph 202.1. AR 672-5-1, the Valorous Unit Award is 
awarded the following units of the United States Army for extraordinary heroism 
while engaged in military operations during the periods indicated:

The citations read as follows:

The Valorous Unit Award is awarded by direction of the Secretary of the Army to:


                  COMPANY A. 2D BATTALION, 2D INFANTRY

                   TROOP A, 1ST SQUADRON, 4TH CAVALRY


for extraordinary heroism:
The 2d Battalion. 2d Infantry Task Force, 1st Infantry Division is cited for 
extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against a hostile 
force near Ap Bau Bang, Binh Duong Province. Republic of Vietnam, on 12 November 
1965. The 2d Battalion. 2d Infantry Task Force was assigned the hazardous and 
difficult mission of clearing and securing National Highway 13 for the passage 
of elements of the 5th Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. At O605 hours, 
the Task Force was attacked by a numerically superior hostile force estimated 
to be two main force Viet Cong regiments. The Viet Cong delivered withering and 
accurate mortar, automatic weapons, and recoilless rifle fire on the men of the 
Task Force. This intense fire was accompanied by a series of hostile "human-wave" 
frontal attacks against the Task Force perimeter defensive positions. Initial 
attacks came from the south and southwest, where in the first thirty minutes of 
the battle. over one hundred and fifty rounds of mortar and recoilless rifle 
fire were absorbed by the courageous defenders. With indomitable courage. each 
man of the Task Force fought tenaciously as a team and destroyed each insurgent 
attack. On occasions when the inner perimeter was breached, it was the raw 
courage of the defenders that carried the day. Reinforcing the deadly fires of 
the infantry, the artillery employed their howitzers in direct fire against the 
Viet Cong while the cavalry maneuvered their armored personnel carriers to 
employ their .50 caliber machineguns at point blank range into the ranks of the 
insurgents. Five air strikes controlled by the Forward Air Control Party 
relentlessly punished the Viet Cong. With perfect team work, three fierce 
hostile attacks were beaten off, imposing heavy casualties upon the north. The 
attack was slowed and then stopped under the onslaught of an over powering hail 
of infantry, cavalry and artillery firepower. By 1100 hours, the Task Force had
sustained the majority of its 100 casualties and had almost exhausted its 
ammunition. Undaunted, the members of the Task Force drove off the superior 
hostile force with heavy losses and immediately began a pursuit of the fleeing 
Viet Cong.. Continuing their mission, they quickly evacuated the dead and 
wounded and proceeded to clear National Highway 13 for the passage of the 
friendly forces. The gallant stand of the 2d Infantry Task Force resulted in 
the death of 198 Viet Cong. the capture of 6, and the wounding of an estimated 
500. In addition, a vast quantity of equipment, weapons, and documents were 
captured. A numerically superior hostile force had been held at bay for six 
hours and subsequently driven from the field of battle with heavy losses. 
Highway 13 was cleared and the Republic of Vietnam forces passed through the 
zone without incident or casualties. The conspicuous gallantry and 
extraordinary heroism of the 2d Battalion, 2d infantry Task Force are in 
keeping with the finest traditions of the military service and reflect great 
credit upon all members of the units who participated in this heroic combat 

                    (Extract, DAGO 20, 25 Apr 67)

Award of Presidential Unit Citation to 1/4 Cav

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