Fourth Cavalry History

1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry "Quarter Horse"

Campaign Streamers

Indian Wars Philippine Insurrection
Comanches Manila
Apaches Malolos
Little Big Horn Laguna de Bay
Cheyennes San Isidro
Kansas 1857 Cavite
Kansas 1860 Tarlac
Mexico 1873 Jolo
New Mexico 1882 Luzon 1899
Luzon 1900
Civil War Luzon 1901
Bull Run
Mississippi River World War Two
Peninsula Normandy (with arrowhead)
Antietam Northern France
Fredericksburg Rhineland
Murfreesborough Ardennes-Alsace
Chickamauga Central Europe
Franklin Vietnam
Nashville Defensive
Missouri 1861 Counteroffensive
Kentucky 1862 Counteroffensive, Phase II
Mississippi 1862 Counteroffensive, Phase III
Mississippi 1864 Tet Counteroffensive
Tennessee 1863 Counteroffensive, Phase IV
Tennessee 1864 Counteroffensive, Phase V
Alabama 1864 Counteroffensive, Phase VI
Alabama 1865 Tet 69/Counteroffensive
Georgia 1864 Summer-Fall 1969
Georgia 1865 Winter-Spring 1970
Sanctuary Counteroffensive*
Counteroffensive, Phase VII*
* applies to the Third Squadron, Fourth Cavalry
In addition, the 1st Recon Troop, which later was renamed and became a part of the 4th Cavalry, earned streamers for the following World War II campaigns: Algeria-French Morocco (with arrowhead), Tunisia, and Sicily (with arrowhead). The designation "with arrowhead" indicates that the unit was one of the assaulting elements in a landing or invasion.

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