Ole' Bill's Monthly Newsletter will be issued once a month if possible and you will be notified by e-mail when it is uploaded. I will post any and all submissions that pertain to the 1/4th US Cav "QuarterHorse" and other information I feel might be of interest to it's members. Items posted will be available for a year on our website after which time they will be replaced by another post. Posts now longer on the website will be available by request. Just shoot a request to me by e-mail telling me what you are looking for. Soon I hope to have all of our Newsletters on DVD for those of you interested. All AD-Troopers, Veteran-troopers, friends and relatives of the QuarterHorse are welcome to submit items of information to be posted on the QH Monthly Newsletter. Send them to me at (Jun to Oct) or (Nov to May). I reserve the right to reject any item that is not acceptable in language, intent, or which is intended as an attack or insult on an individual. I will also post jokes, Cartoons, etc to smaller posts. I will use the first one I receive in the case of multiple submissions. Chain Letters, Solicitation and Items of a Political or religious opinion will not be posted due to our Approval as a Non-profit Organization. However, I will post prayers on a weekly basis for those of you who believe in the power of prayer and welcome prayers from all. If you submit anything which is copywritten, please indicate such and also include the creator's name so that they may be given credit. As usual I welcome your comments and suggestions which may be sent to me using the above e-mail addresses.
Helpful Hints: When sending in photos please reduce them in size to (480x480)pixel. E-mails with multipal photos of a non-QH nature will not be used. Each photos requires up to 30 minutes to process before I can use it in the newsletter. I will occasionally use e-mails with up to 4 photos, (jokes, etc) but I have to draw the line somewhere, and four photos is it. Photos of Troopers,the QH in action, or QH in Base Camp are welcome in any quantity. Send them to me by E-mail or S-nail mail. Contact me for a mailing address. I will return your original with a CD of the Photos included and will pay the postage. Photos, documents, orders, letters are considered historical matter and extremely welcome in any amount. I can do slides. I will process them into photos and return the slides to you. We already have a sizeable collection of Historical items and I try to bring some of them to each reunion.Any QH Veteran who needs background material for a disability filing, correction to military records, medal earned but not presented are encouraged to request assistance from myself or to go online to the Historical collection for the period Feb 68 to May 70 at Quarterhorse Archives

Thank you and enjoy. Bill Baty

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